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Self-driving startup Wayve secures $1 billion funding

British startup Wayve announced on Tuesday that it successfully raised $1.05 billion in a Series C funding round

Tesla Chair Robyn Denholm Sells $50M+ Stock

Tesla Chairwoman Robyn Denholm has recently sold $17.3 million worth of her shares in the electric vehicle maker

Nio's Stock Soars Over 20%: April EV Deliveries Double

Nio Inc., the Chinese electric vehicle maker, witnessed a remarkable 20% surge in its stock on Thursday

CMU pioneers low-flying drones to map wildfires

CMU’s Robotics Institute are developing drones that can navigate through smoke, providing firefighters

Tesla stock dips 6% post-500 job cuts, within its Supercharger team

Tesla plummeted nearly 6% as CEO Elon Musk initiated another round of job cuts, affecting approximately 500 employees

Musk Cuts Tesla Executives in New Layoffs

Elon Musk has ousted two senior executives from Tesla and is set to lay off hundreds more employees

Telxius Boosts Caribbean Connectivity with High-Capacity Cable

Experience seamless connectivity from Punta Cana to Puerto Rico with Telxius' latest submarine cable route extension

Ford's BlueCruise Under Investigation After Fatal Crashes

Federal safety regulators on a investigation into Ford’s hands-free driver assistance, after two recent fatal crashes

Tesla Surges 12% in Premarket on China Self-Driving Breakthrough

Tesla's shares U.S. premarket trading on Monday, jumping over 12% after introduce self-driving technology in China

Tesla Autopilot Safety Gap Linked to Collisions

Federal authorities show "critical safety gap" in Tesla's Autopilot system, has been implicated in 467 collisions

Tesla Shares Drop Before Earnings Announcement

Tesla, plunging by almost 30% as the EV powerhouse battled growth hurdles amid stiff competition from Chinese rivals

Elon Musk Revives Investor Hopes with Tesla Robotaxi

Musk urged investors to look beyond, with the developing of artificial intelligence software for self-driving vehicles

Tesla and Li Auto Stock Plunge as EV Price Wars Escalate

Tesla shares took a 3% dip, while Li Auto plunged to an 11-month low as both companies made aggressive price cuts

Tesla Recalls Cybertruck Due to 'Trapped Pedal' Issue

Tesla has announced a voluntary recall of 3,878 Cybertrucks to address a "stuck pedal" issue in a viral TikTok video

Tesla Seeks Shareholder Vote on Musk's Payout

Tesla seeking shareholder approval for significant proposals, the company aims to reinstate Elon Musk's $56B pay package

Tesla Shares Plummet Amid Job Cut Concerns

Tesla's shares took a nosedive, plummeting nearly 6% on Monday and an additional 3.5% on Tuesday

Tesla Shares Drop on Layoff Reports

Tesla's shares experienced a decline of over 1% during Monday's premarket trading session, reports hinting layoffs today

Tesla Cuts Price in Premium Driver Assistance to Half

Tesla shakes up the automotive world by slashing the subscription price of its top-tier driver assistance system

Voltpost: Lamppost EV Charging Comes to You

Now in electric vehicles, Voltpost has been diligently crafting a game-changing product, a lamppost charger

Tesla Investments: Reuters, Musk Set to Meet Modi

Tesla's leader Elon Musk, gears up for a much-anticipated visit to India this month to visit Prime Minister Modi

China's EV Innovation Defies Subsidy Claims: Minister

Wang Wentao declared: the surge of EV companies wasn't a product of subsidies but a testament to relentless innovation

Tesla Announces Robotaxi Unveil on August 8

Tesla sets Aug 8 for robotaxi unveil as it shifts focus to autonomy amid EV sales challenges

BYD Unveils Electric Pickup: Tesla, Ford Beware

BYD, the renowned Chinese automotive, is set to debut its inaugural electric pickup truck this year

Tesla Calls on Apple for Support in Autopilot Lawsuit

Tesla turns to Apple in a lawsuit over a fatal crash involving its Autopilot feature

Alrik Secures €1M Seed to Optimize Construction Transport

Swedish tech firm secures €1M in funding to drive expansion with a software focuses on the construction sector

Tesla Faces 8.5% Drop in Deliveries During Tough Q1

Tesla's early 2024 deliveries fall 8.5%, missing analyst forecasts and impacting stock prices.

Revolutionizing Electric Tractor Charging: Rocsys, Autocar Partnership

Rocsys teams up with Autocar to revolutionize the efficiency of its electric tractor fleet

BYD's Electric Evolution: Surpassing Tesla as EV Leader

While Tesla commands the electric vehicle scene in the U.S., its reign faces formidable challengers overseas

Didi's Fourth-Quarter Profit Surges Amid Regulatory Challenges

Didi Global, China's top ride-hailing firm, celebrated a triumphant fourth-quarter with a return to profitability

Pelikan Mobility Secures €4M for Fleet Electrification

Pelikan Mobility, a commercial fleet platform, made waves by announcing a successful €4 million seed round

Einride & Voltera's Mega EV Hub Unveiled

Einride, an EV trucking pioneer, joins forces with infrastructure developer Voltera to unveil one of the largest EV

EIC Backs Dronamics: €10M Investment Secured

Bulgarian cargo innovator, Dronamics, secures a hefty €10 million investment from the European Innovation Council

Waymo Launches Robotaxi Service in LA & Austin: Autonomous Milestone

According to co-CEO Tekedra Mawakana, Waymo is up to launch its public robotaxi service in Los Angeles this week

Voi's $25M Raise Fuels Expansion into New Cities

Voi revealed a significant milestone: securing $25 million in a highly sought-after funding round

Stellantis CEO: Waymo Deal for Self-Driving Vans Alive

Stellantis is doubling down on its collaboration with autonomous vehicle trailblazer Waymo

HOLON & Valtech: Urban Mobility Revolution Begins

HOLON and Valtech Mobility share a bold mission: to revolutionize public transport through digital innovation

Ford Cuts 2023 Mustang Mach-E Prices

Ford is driving prices down on its sleek 2023 Mustang Mach-E, slashing them by up to a whopping $8,100

Giants Trade Cruise for Chevrolet Logo

The San Francisco Giants bid farewell to their uniform patch featuring Cruise and its robotaxis

Valentine's Day Strike: Food Couriers Demand Fair Pay

Delivery drivers are gearing up to strike, rallying for fair pay and improved working conditions

Guided Energy Streamlines EV Fleet Charging

Guided Energy emerges as a beacon of innovation, fueled by a $5.2 million investment

Cake's Talks with Harley-Davidson Pre-Bankruptcy

The electric motorcycle company, engaged in high-stakes discussions with industry like Harley-Davidson

Toyota's $1.3B Boost: Electrifying Kentucky Factory

Toyota with $1.3 billion injection into its Kentucky factory for the production of an all-new three-row all-electric SUV

River Secures $40M Investment Led by Yamaha Motor

River, an Indian trailblazer in crafting electric two-wheelers, rides the wave of success with $40 million

Tesla Steers Through Challenges: Tackles Environmental Compliance In New Era

Tesla accusing the automotive juggernaut of recurrent mishandling of hazardous waste across it state-spanning facilities

responsAbility's Strategic Investment Boosts BluSmart's EV Expansion in India

Swiss impact fund responsAbility is set to pour up to $25 million into BluSmart, India’s premier EV

Top 15 Mobility Industry Trends in 2024

Here we outline 15 new mobility trends that contribute to the new image of the industry

Tesla to Construct $500 Million Dojo Supercomputer in New York

Tesla has announced plans to invest a staggering $500 million in constructing a cutting-edge "Dojo"

Wing Sets its Plans for Larger Drones in the Delivery Skies

Wing, the cutting-edge drone delivery company backed by Alphabet, is set to unveil a big package for its customers

Carmoola Drives UK Market with £15.5 Million Investment Boost

The UK fintech big in direct-to-consumer car finance, is set to accelerate its journey with a huge £15.5 million

Electra Powers Up: €304M Investment Fuels European Electric Vehicle World

The trailblazing French EV fast-charging network, is not just plugging into the future, it's turbocharging the shift

TuSimple's Autonomous Odyssey: From Highways to Auctions

Ten of TuSimple's mighty autonomous big rigs are about to steal the spotlight at an upcoming auction

Lordstown Motors Faces $45 Million SEC Claim: A Tale of Electric Vehicle Turmoil

Bankrupt EV startups, the stakes have soared to a potential $45 million as the SEC throws down the law violation

Volkswagen's Generative AI Integration for Seamless In-Car Experiences

Volkswagen stole the spotlight at CES 2024, the ultimate electronics extravaganza in Vegas from January 9 to 12

Hyundai's Supernal Unveils Ambitious Plans for Electric Air Taxis by 2028

Get ready to soar into the future with Supernal, Hyundai Motor Group's cutting-edge air mobility visionary

Astrobotic's Moon Mission Faces Uncertain Fate Following Fuel Leak

The lunar dream hangs in the balance as Astrobotic, the Pittsburgh-based innovator behind the mission

VinFast's $500 Million Overture in India and a UK Crescendo

VinFast plans to infuse a dynamic $500 million into India, crafting a facility in the third-largest automobile market

Kia Unveils Bold Plans for Electric Business Vehicles

The Korean automaker is pulling back the curtain on its big plans for businesses ready to leap into the electric era

Rivian's Rollercoaster Ride: Q4 Deliveries Dip, Investors Brace for Impact

Rivian pulled back the curtain, showcasing the production of 17,541 vehicles at its bustling factory in Normal, Illinois

DC Charging Sparks a New Era in Electric Vehicles

The journey from battery to revitalization is a dance between two electrical titans—AC and DC

EV Charging Unity, SAE Introduces J3400 North American Charging Standard

Adapting to NACS meant swift maneuvers to lay down the groundwork for companies eager to embrace the change

Tesla's Model Y Clinches Global Best-Selling Title, Beating Toyota Corolla

Tesla Model Y on an unparalleled winning streak, emerging as the top-selling vehicle model not just once, but thrice

Xiaomi Drives into the Future: Unveils HyperOS-Equipped Electric Sedan SU7

Xiaomi, renowned for redefining smartphones, is stepping into a new arena with a jaw-dropping revelation – the SU7

Alpha Rocket Soars with Lockheed Martin Payload, but Mystery Lingers in Orbit

Alpha rocket into the great beyond, cradling a payload from none other than aerospace powerhouse Lockheed Martin

General Motors Temporarily Halts Sales Due to Software Glitches

Rev up your expectations, but hold on! General Motors has hit the brakes on the hot-off-the-line Chevy Blazer EV

EV Tax: Navigating Changes, Challenges, and Chevy Bolts of Innovation

Beginning January 1, the game-changing rebate is shifting gears to become an instant joy for buyers

The Hyperloop Odyssey: An Industry Pioneer's Bittersweet Farewell

In a surprising twist, the curtain is closing on one of the most enduring hyperloop startups. Hyperloop One

Waymo One Expands Its Autonomous Horizon, Curbside Pickups at Phoenix Airport

Now, select Waymo One riders are in for a treat, the thrill of being whisked away or welcomed by Waymo's sleek robotaxis

Metafuels Soars High with $8 Million for Game-Changing Sustainable Jet Fuel

Not from a high-stakes poker game, but straight off baggage carousel 3 at ZRH, our friendly neighborhood Zurich airport

Vammo Secures $30M to Power EV Growth in Brazil

The wheels of Electric Vehicle market have been spinning with undeniable vigor in the initial months of 2023

Now in Road Safety: NHTSA Pioneers Tech to Curb Drunk Driving

Car manufacturers like Ford & GM continue to push the boundaries of in-car technology to keep drivers focused

Fiat 500e: A Refreshing Contrast to Tesla's Cyberbeast

As the echoes of Tesla's supersized truck discourse reverberate, the arrival of the Fiat 500e is not just refreshing

Tesla's Model 3 Faces Tax Credit Drop: What You Need to Know

Rev up your excitement, Tesla enthusiasts, because the road ahead for the rear-wheel-drive Model 3 is getting a makeover

Tesla's Battle in Sweden: License Plates, Labor Unions, and the Road Ahead

Tesla emerged victorious in preliminary clash against Swedish union workers advocating for collective bargaining rights

BusCaro Commuting in Pakistan: A Safer, Affordable, and Innovative Solution

At just 19, Maha Shahzad faced a formidable challenge that students usually only encounter in epic tales

Li Auto Drives Into Chip Innovation: Seeking Top Talent in Singapore

Not only Li Auto's commitment to cutting-edge technology but also new era in the world of electric mobility

Cruise Founder Kyle Vogt Steps Down Amid Challenges in Driverless Car Venture

In a surprising change, GM's Cruise bids farewell to its CEO, Kyle Vogt, as concerns over driverless car safety

Revolution in the Tesla Universe Cybertruck Resale Restrictions Take a Turn

Tesla appears to be loosening the reins on restrictions imposed on eager buyers awaiting the release of the Cybertruck

May Mobility Accelerates Autonomous Driving Vision with $105 Million

May Mobility, based in the United States, has seized an impressive $105 million in Series D funding

Lyft is Leaving Shared Rides in the Rearview Mirror to Challenge Uber's

Lyft is steering into a fresh lane, unveiling a ride experience that's both pocket-friendly and a notch above the ordinary

A Celestial Dance Fully Booked for Next Year, Preparing for a November-End Encore

In a stellar third quarter, the company raked in a whopping $68 million in revenue, rewriting the rules of space tech

Waze Introduces Innovative Feature, Crash History Alerts

Today, Waze is taking road safety to the next level with a groundbreaking announcement: crash history alerts

Revolutionary Shift: Rivian and Amazon End Exclusive Partnership

Amazon and Rivian's exclusivity pact has been untangled, and it wrapped up sooner than expected

Revving Up, Toyota Pours $8 Billion into North Carolina EV Battery Plant

Turbocharging electrification drive with an eye-popping $8B investment in inaugural North American EV battery factory

Volkswagen's Cariad Faces Delays Amidst Layoffs, What It Means for the Future

Volkswagen's software division, Cariad, has hit a speed bump on its journey to unveil its software architecture

Tesla Faces DOJ Scrutiny Over Range and Perks: What's Behind It?

Tesla is catching the eye of the U.S. Department of Justice, raising questions about what's happening behind the scenes

Toyota and Lexus Electric Vehicles to Adopt Tesla Chargers from 2025

Toyota, the reigning champion of global auto sales, has thrown its weight behind the North American Charging Standard

Tesla's Energy Shift, Solar Diminishes, Storage Shines

While solar power surges by the megawatt across the United States, Tesla's latest reports paint a different picture

Kia Opens Reservations for EV9, Your Ticket to the Electric SUV Revolution

Kia welcomes mat for reservations on its electrifying EV9, full-size SUV that leads the growing electric vehicle lineup

Volteras Revolutionizing the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

London-based startup Volteras has been orchestrating a quiet revolution for the past three years

Ford's EV Battery Partnership Boosts Wages Amid UAW Strike

Ford and SK On, have taken steps to boost wages at their forthcoming EV battery facilities in Kentucky and Tennessee

IRS Streamlines Access to Electric Vehicle Tax Credits for 2023

A transformative shift is set to electrify the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) incentives. IRS, in a groundbreaking move

uMob Raises €6 Million to Revolutionize Urban Mobility in Europe

uMob has successfully secured €6 million in funding from a diverse group of investors

San Francisco Police Investigate Robotaxi Incident Involving Pedestrian

Shockwaves through San Francisco, a woman found herself trapped beneath a Cruise robotaxi after a collision

Lucid Group Expands Global Footprint with Saudi Arabian Factory

With an initial capacity to craft 5,000 Lucid vehicles annually, it stands as a testament to Lucid's sustainable mobility

Ford Halts $3.5 Billion Battery Factory in Michigan Amid Uncertainty

In a startling development, Ford has hit the brakes on a $3.5 billion factory in the heart of Michigan

Flair Airlines Partners with Wiremind to Revolutionize Aviation Revenue Management

Flair Airlines soars with Wiremind. CAYZN, a game-changer in revenue management with a future of innovation and excellence

GM and United Auto Workers on the Brink A Showdown Looms Over Pay Hike

GM's bold move: 20% wage boost, 10% in year one, to avert strike looming at midnight

Elon Musk's Starlink Dilemma: A Tech Mogul's Role in Global Conflict

Elon Musk confirmed scuttled a Ukrainian military strike on Russia by refusing to allow Starlink to be used

Dublin Airport Ready to Soar Securely with Anti-Drone Technology

Dublin Airport, Battling Drones, Securing Skies. Closed 6 times in 8 weeks. Now armed with operational anti-drone tech

United Airlines Resumes Flights After Temporary Nationwide Ground Stop

United's Nationwide Ground Stop Lifted in a Flash, FAA Confirms

e-mobilio Powers Up with €9.5M to Fuel European EV Expansion

Munich's e-mobilio Secures €9.5 Million to Accelerate Electric Mobility Adoption Across Europe

Paris Implements Ban on Electric Scooters: Democracy or Political Move?

A safety crackdown on rising injuries and fatalities, response to a rising number of people being injured

VanMoof and Lavoie Join Forces to Shape the Future of Transportation

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: VanMoof's Merger with Lavoie Creates Excitement in the micromobility Landscape

Mercedes-Benz Accelerates EV Charging Network

Mercedes-Benz Charges Ahead: Electrifying Hubs Coming to Atlanta, Chengdu, and Mannheim

Introducing a Travel Game-Changer: Google Flights Unveils Smart Booking Insights

Time-Savvy Feature, debuting new insights that will leverage historical trend data

India Achieves Lunar Milestone: Historic Moon Landing in the South Pole Region

India's triumph: Chandrayaan-3 joins elite league on Moon landing in the Lunar South Pole region

CATL's Breakthrough Battery: Revolutionizing EVs' Charging and Range

Powerhouse CATL Ignites Revolution with Breakthrough Solution for EV Charging and Range

Estonia's Verge Motorcycles Accelerates Global Leap with Strategic CFO Appointment

Verge Motorcycles fuels global growth with CFO to scale up the company’s international business

Serve Robotics Debut: Transforming Sidewalks with Autonomous Delivery Innovation

Serve Robotics Steps Onto Public Stage: Sidewalk Delivery Innovation Meets Bold Merger

Cutting Fares to Boost Ridership Signals Success, but Not Without Trade-offs

Lyft's Bold Fare Cuts Attract Riders, but Carry a Price. Increase in riders and decrease in revenue per active rider

bp Ventures and Dynamon: Driving Green Mobility with £4M Investment

bp Ventures Powers Greener Transport with £4M Greener Roads Ahead Dynamon's EV Software's Bold Bid for VanMoof

The US Firm Extends Lifeline to VanMoof, Embracing Advanced Tech & Subscription Model of Dutch E-Bike Innovator

Spanish Delivery Startup Paack Secures €40M in Funding to Drive E-commerce

Revolutionary funding: Debt & equity fuel Paack's journey to profitability. A funding "bridge" paves the way

Getir Shifts Focus to exit European Markets Amid Speculations

Getir Shakes Up Europe. Exiting 3 Markets, Supercharging 5

Carvolution Secures €25M to Turbocharge Growth

Carvolution Accelerates with €25M to Expand Fleet & Drive Growth

Huq Industries secures £4M for European mobility data expansion

Empowering Pros with Mobility Insights

Amsterdam-based VanMoof Announces Bankruptcy Amidst Struggles

It follows last week’s announcement it was to close its brand stores

Cowboy takes action, creating Bikey the app for VanMoof community riding

Cowboy Bikes team creates an app to support VanMoof, riders can develop their own digital key!

Rocsys secures €33M to revolutionize EV charging with autonomy

Dutch startup expands reach in US and Europe, welcomes advisory board additions, fueled by new funding

Spain's Hoop Carpool Raises €1.2M, Expands to New Markets

Carpooling platform secures investment to dominate home market and expand globally

Go Eve secures €3.5M to expand DockChain EV charging system

Go Eve powers up high-power DC charging to rival AC options, scaling production with €3.5M funding for summer launch

Bolt's Birthday Bash: Milestones, CFO, and IPO Buzz

Bolt's new CFO, says: "I look forward to being part of this next stage in Bolt’s journey as the business prepares for IPO”

Cowboy's Cruiser: The Dutch-inspired e-bike taking the streets by storm

Unveiling the Cruiser: Belgian e-bike company's newest ride featuring enhanced comfort and higher gear ratio

Bonnet's Power Surge: More Charging Locations with ubitricity

Revolutionizing EV Charging: London Network Expands with ubitricity, EnBW Partnerships

NoTraffic Secures $50m in Series B Funding to Revolutionize Traffic Management

NoTraffic aims to reshape traffic flows and enhance road safety on a global scale

NASA to create a ChatGPT-like assistant for it’s astronauts

Spaceship interactions, scientific experiments, and maneuvers will be possible

Washington State Embraces Tesla's Electric Vehicle Charging Plug

This decision reinforces Tesla's position as a driving force in the EV charging domain

Mercedes-Benz to add ChatGPT to its cars

The aim is to have more natural conversations and receive more comprehensive answers

Space Capabilities Empower Environmental Monitoring and Climate Change Efforts

As stated at the Secure World Forum Summit

Uber Invests $20M in India's Everest Fleet for EV Expansion

Uber invests $20M in Everest Fleet, fueling their shift to 10,000 electric vehicles by 2026

Sonnen GmbH Introduces EV Charging to Sustainable Swedes

Sonnen’s EV charger allows easy integration for households equipped with photovoltaic systems in Sweden

Tesla's Supercharger Network Takes the Lead in EV Charging

Tesla's Supercharger network gains a competitive edge as GM and Ford EV owners tap into its charging prowess

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Hands-Free, Eyes-Off Driving in California

Mercedes-Benz secures California permit for state-of-the-art vehicles with hands-off, eyes-off driving on select highways

Ukraine's Tech Phenomenon: Military Drones Ascend

Government funding fuels defence tech boom, but what lies ahead in a post-war era?

Tesla's Secret Reveals Shocking Cybertruck Flaws

Tesla's groundbreaking pickup prototype unveils shocking flaws in braking, handling, noise, and leaks, per internal report

Shanghai Produces “Highest Quality” Teslas

Musk visits China, meets Communist Party Leader, Minister of Technology, Commerce, and congratulates workers at Gigafactory

Technical Challenges Cause Further Delay for Boeing's Starliner Crewed Flight Test

In December 2019, Starliner's first OFT test flight was flawed, adding to a series of setbacks

Unforeseen Challenges Emerge as AI-Powered Drone Exhibits Autonomous Behavior

Colonel said drone used 'highly unexpected strategies to succeed' in virtual test

Paris-based Loewi raises €1 million to refurbish electric bikes

Loewi, Paris-based mobility lands a €1 million Pre-Seed funding round

Ford to Introduce Tesla’s Charging Tech in Future EVs

Ford gains access to Tesla’s network of Superchargers starting 2025

The Tesla Model 3 long-range is back with a discount of 18%

A $10,000 price cut and a 30-mile range cut have been announced by the company

Geospatial developer UP42 exhibits at the Geospatial World Forum in Rotterdam

Appearance as exhibitor and co-sponsor highlights position in geospatial space

Modernising order picking : An interview with Smart Robotics CTO Heico Sandee

The future of warehouse and distribution logistics is here

The Explosive Launch of SpaceX Starship

Several minutes after liftoff, Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket exploded, failing to reach orbit

Aerostructures Market Value will Reach USD 74.0 Billion by 2030 with a 9% CAGR

Aerostructures Market Research Report

Elevators from the Future: Lift AI, Southern Elevator, & Intelevator Partner Up

A new partnership results in the deployment of 400 IoT elevators across USA

Drone Package Delivery or Amazon Crash

Flying packages and Amazon's ongoing dream

In Paris, a Public Referendum on the Future of Electric Scooters

This weekend, a public referendum will decide the future of electric scooters in Paris

Considerable Growth at a CAGR of 12% Within the Global Military Drone Market Forecasted

According to HTF Market Intelligence, drone demand will surge from 2023 to 2029

US Drone Crashed into the Black Sea After Intervening with Russian Jet

Another Russian warning toward the US or wrong interpretation of events

Reitan Convenience to open 6 stores in Arlanda Airport

Reitan Convenience wins Swedavia’s public procurement for the Stockholm airport.

Stippl Secured an Additional €400K in Funding, a Step Forward its Mission to Replace Microsoft Excel

Travel planning in the 21st century is about to change even more. How and why - Stipple is prepared to reveal

A new partnership between POSCO and Hardt Hyperloop brings the future closer to reality

The transport of the future is near, and hyperloop enter the transport industry

British startup raises $40 million for an independent cargo airline

World’s first drone cargo plane raises $40 million from Series A funding round

Kanarys Successfully Secured $5M in Series A Funding

Inclusion and diversity encountering support within the industries

Axion Ray Successfully Raises $7.5 Million in Seed Round

Funding of $7.5 Million will lead to more efficient and effective manufacturing


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