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How AI is changing performance marketing

How can agencies make the most of the new technology and thrive in this AI-dominated era?

Valar Ventures Backs Berlin Fintech Monite

Berlin's innovative fintech startup Monite scores an extra $6 million in funding from Valar Ventures, led by Peter Thiel

On AI ergonomics and workplace safety: Interviewing TuMeke co-founder Zach Noland

Guided by a vision of tech innovation, TuMeke anticipates profound impacts, notably in the realm of workplace safety

CPaaS Providers Embrace RCS & WhatsApp: Messaging Trust Shift

XConnect, a distinguished Somos Company specializing numbering intelligence solutions, collaborated with Mobilesquared

How to Navigate Immersive Customer Journey in 5 Steps

Michael Kuzminov, Chief Growth Officer at HypeFactory

Neople, Rising AI Trailblazer, Marks a Year of Unprecedented Growth

Neople celebrates its first anniversary, plans to expand to new markets

Harnessing the Power of AI: What Marketers Need to Know in 2024

Michael Kuzminov, Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at HypeFactory

Doctolib Enhances Healthcare Connectivity in Benelux with Siilo Integration

In order to redefine healthcare in the Benelux region, Doctolib takes a giant leap forward following its strategic acquisition of Siilo

MaterialsZone and Kafrit Group: A Path to Enhanced Products and Experiences

Not just a deal, but a catalyst for a new era

The Race to Deal with New Cyber Threats: An interview with LogRhythm’s Kev Eley

As threats are increasing, so are the solutions to preventing them

Suger with $3.5 Million Funding Boost for Cloud Marketplace Mastery

Suger, the trailblazing sales platform revolutionizing cloud marketplaces, has just scored big $3.5 million big

How to Leverage the Power of AI for Advertising Purposes

In the realm of advertising, influencer marketing has brought about a profound transformation

Realoq Secures $3 Million in Seed Funding to Drive Innovation

Realoq, the trailblazing startup in the Real Estate marketplace, unfurls its success in closing a $3 million in funding

Terra Quantum and NVIDIA Forge Path to Quantum-Powered Business Excellence

This collaboration pioneers the application of intricate quantum algorithms for large-scale business solutions

CMC Networks and aconnic Unite for Next-Gen Network Services

CMC Networks, a global Tier 1 service provider, has joined forces with the German network solution provider, aconnic

Designing with Heart: Interviewing 14islands CEO and Founder Hjörtur Hilmarsson

We take a peek inside the design and tech studio focused on human-centric innovation

Top Ten Progressive Web App Development Companies

In web development, PWAs or Progressive Web Apps have gained immense popularity for their improved user experience

CMC Networks and SafetySA Join Forces for Network Performance & Safety Service

This partnership marks the transition from the legacy MPLS framework to the agile and efficient SD-WAN

How you can improve security and trust on your website

A secure website significantly enhances revenue

Changing B2B Digital Mental Health with €1.5M from Berlin-Based Likeminded

The Berlin-based pioneer in B2B digital mental health, has secured an extra €1.5 million in seed funding

CMC Networks Partners with Bowmans, A Legal Leap Towards Flexible Connectivity

An upgrade by the African law firm links its various office branches, changing their connectivity for peak efficiency

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella Embraces AI: The Game-Changer of Computing

CEO Satya Nadella doesn't merely highlight the significance of AI – he practically shouts it from the rooftops

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In India

Equippеd with skillеd dеvеlopеrs, thеsе firms, drivе businеss growth and sеt nеw standards for еxcеllеncе

Glide and Connectbase Join Forces for Smart, Location-Driven Connectivity

Glide and Connectbase forged alliance to revolutionize global network access with location-based insights and automation

Upvest Raises €30 Million to Transform Investing in Europe

A Berlin-born innovator is causing a stir in the fintech world with its revolutionary plug-and-play API

Robots to the rescue? An interview with Smart Robotics CEO Johan Jardevall

Why robots aren't replacing us, and the human motivation benefits they bring

Australian Freight & Trade Alliance Partnership with Ripple

Ripple had come knocking on FTA's door right in the midst of their legal skirmish with the SEC

CMC Networks & Webber Wentzel Network Infrastructure and Security to South Africa

CMC Networks is the Big Five law firm with fortress of network security, scalability, availability, and absolute control

Inmanta Revolutionizes Telecom Connectivity with CMC Networks Partnership

Inmanta, telecom service orchestration, in a game-changing partnership with CMC Networks trailblazing pan-African network

XConnect & Join Forces Against Digital ID Fraud

XConnect joins forces with to bolster digital identity fraud defense in Banking, Fintech, and E-Commerce

Talkdesk Navigating the Changing Tides of Customer Service Tech

In the fast-paced world of customer service technology, Talkdesk, a former $10 billion heavyweight

CELLSMART Drives Global 5G Mapping with Street-View Testing

CELLSMART's "Drive" Initiative, Mapping Global 5G Performance with Street-View Testing Cars

Mediafly Rockets Ahead with $80M Boost for Revenue Transformation

B2B Selling's Evolution

U-TO & Mangomolo Revolutionize OTT in Asia & South Africa

New Solutions and Mangomolo Forge Innovation-Driven Partnership to Redefine OTT Video Landscape in Asia and South Africa

European Business Software Soars Amid Tech Downturn

Business Software Bucks Downturns in 2022 with 7.4% Investment Surge

Revolutionizing Beauty Marketing, Odore Raises $5M in Seed Round

London's BeautyTech, raises $5M to empower L'Oreal, Dior, & more with cutting-edge marketing solutions

HSBC Invests $35M in Copenhagen-born Fintech Tradeshift for Revolutionary Venture

Boost Fuels Tradeshift's Innovative Venture for Embedded Finance Solutions

ECO Group Secures €5 Million Series A to Propel Eco-friendly Brands

Green Triumph! Acton Capital Leads Series A with Fair Capital Partners Onboard And Supporting Investors

Meltwater's 2023 FMCG Report Uncovers Key Trends and issues Shaping the Industry

Meltwater's 2023 FMCG report provides valuable insights and guidance, helping businesses seize growth opportunities

Sixty AI Revolutionizes Personal Relationship Management with AI Platform

The platform aims to revolutionize the way we navigate our digital connections

Notch to make its mark on buyer enablement with 1.1M pre-seed funding

Notch to make its mark on buyer enablement with 1.1M pre-seed funding

5 AI-Powered Tactics to Transform Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Understand how the power of social influence can change the game, with global influencer marketing agency Hypefactory

Windows 11 to remove Microsoft Teams integration

The move follows efforts to replace Chat functionality with a more versatile version

Foodomarket Raises £9.5M for UK Launch & Atlantic Expansion

French start-up empowers hospitality with a digital marketplace, eyeing UK and US expansion

Sam Altman says OpenAI is still not training GPT-5

Significant work still to be done says the CEO

A $15 million Series B round of funding is raised by Blumira

The funding illustrates a significant milestone in its growth journey

Europe's Bold Initiative Fuels Deep Tech Scale-up Success

EIC Scale Up 100' Fuels Growth of 100 Deep Tech Scale-ups

Microsoft Launches Microsoft Fabric: A Platform for Streamlined Insights

Fabric is an end-to-end analytics product

PwC Assess Channel Factory's media waste solution

Through ad placements, they provide efficiency to brands and agencies and reduce waste

ICONIQ invests $70m in French startup Pigment

Business insights powered by Pigment AI will be faster and more accurate company says

The Evolution of Containerization: an interview with red kubes CEO Rouven Besters

Self-service and automation is the future

HackerEarth and SalesEdge Join Forces to Transform Customer Acquisition

The partnership aims to enhance customer experience and drive business growth through tailored training programs

The Importance of PR for tech startups: An Interview with Matias Rodsevich, founder of PRLab

PR for tech startups: standing out from the crowd

Noda - Boosting Efficiency, Security, and Personalization with Open Banking

Merchants leverage Open Banking APIs to streamline payments, provide personalized experiences, and combat fraud

Salesforce launches GPT for Data Insights, teases more

In an AI-driven economy, companies with better AIs will outperform weaker ones

Rev-Trac and Turnkey Consulting Team Up to Tackle SAP Cyber-Attacks

The partnership offers enhanced security tools and expertise to SAP-using organizations, helping reduce risk and ensure compliance

SelectedFirms Recognizes SovTech as a Top Custom Software Development Company

SovTech's Tailored Services Help Businesses Achieve their Digital Goals

AmadeTech Launches Innovative IP Water Resistance Test Equipment

AmadeTech Water Resistance Test Equipment Makes Water Resistance Visible

Responsible Disclosure and Ethical Hacking: An Interview with Co-founder Gijs Barends

Testing the security of networks has never been more important

Centuro Global Raises £3.3 Million in Investment

Funding to assist businesses move into new international markets

Introducing AiFlow: Revolutionizing Private Equity Market Research with AI

AiFlow Secures Seed Funding Round raises $6 million from investors

The company lands $6 million after emerging from stealth

Haltian secures funding of €22 million

Funding to support international expansion plans

Smart Robotics and Karter Launch an Automated End-of-Line Palletizing Solution

Smart Robotics and Karter are teaming up to release a completely automated palletizing solution for end-of-line operations with an expected payback of one year

Fast-Track Same-Day Delivery with New Mixed Case Palletizer

The robotics expert Smart Robotics launches its Smart Mixed Case Palletizer

An Unexisting Estonian Startup Raises Funding From A Fraud Investment Fund

How a fraud conquered the press headlines

Red Kubes launches Otomi Startup Program to get apps running on K8s within a day

New program launched is designed to accelerate innovation in startups

Venture Partners: Meaning and Importance

Curious about venture partner meaning and investment opportunities? Get the scoop on this crucial element of startup success.

OnePlan’s Events Planning Software Secured $6 Million in Funding

The events of tomorrow are planned through 3D digital mapping tools.

EvolutionIQ’s Innovative Claims Guidance Software Solution Secured $33.1 Million in Series B Round

A promising AI-powered claims guidance platform about to change the lives of millions of sick and injured people

Sprinque announces a €6 Million Seed Funding Round

Sprinque, Europe's most flexible B2B payments platform, has raised a €6m seed funding round led by Connect Ventures

Social Media Booms while Recession Looms

Meltwater’s Global State of Social Media 2023 report finds social media as the main tool used for increasing brand awareness


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