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Ethereum Price for 60% Surge with US Spot Ether ETF Approval

Ethereum exchange-traded funds in the US might just be for a remarkable surge in ETH value, potentially reaching a 60%

Cut Crypto Taxes: Best Low-Tax Countries 2024

The world of crypto taxes is a vibrant tapestry, with certain nations rolling out the red carpet for crypto enthusiasts

Bitcoin Price Forecast: BTC Dips, Eyes Next Level

Bitcoin (BTC) takes a dip below $70,000, settling around $69,229 after hitting an intraday low of $69,939

Ethereum ETFs Awaiting SEC Decision This Week

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prepares to announce its decision on VanEck’s spot ETH

Bitcoin Eyes New All-Time Highs: 10x Research

Bitcoin's journey to new all-time highs is on the brink of realization, pending breakthrough beyond $67,500 barrier

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Whales on the Hunt?

Bitcoin has broken records, trading at $67,330.50 with a whopping $16.3 billion in trading volume over the past 24 hours

Q1 2024: Crypto Fundraising Hits $2.4 Billion

The cryptocurrency market is on a hot streak, with a staggering $2.4B in fundraising pouring in during the first quarter

Bitcoin Price Surges as Morgan Stanley Reveals Holdings

Bitcoin has been on an upward trajectory, buoyed by encouraging US CPI data indicating a slowdown in price pressures

Bitcoin's April: Price Drop, Network Highs, ETFs

April 2024 saw Bitcoin weather its steepest price drop since the FTX collapse, a comprehensive analysis of Bitcoin

Robinhood Launches Solana Staking for European Users

European users of Robinhood Crypto can now stake their Solana holdings to earn rewards, thanks to a new program

Bitcoin Hash Rate Drops as Mining Firms Shutdown

Bitcoin network's hash rate has plummeted, as mining companies shut down post the fourth Bitcoin halving

Why Cryptocurrency Prices Are Falling Today

While bitcoin has seen a marginal increase of 0.2% over the last 24 hs, the majority of coins are experiencing a decline

Bitcoin Hits $60k Amid FED Rate Cut Comments: Predictions

Bitcoin surged past the $60,000 mark, but it's now facing fresh hurdles due to Federal Reserve sentiment

Today's Crypto Market Surge: What's Driving Prices?

Today's Crypto Market Surge: What's Driving Prices?

Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF Sees First Inflows in 78 Days

After a streak of outflows, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust exchange-traded fund finally saw a day of net positive inflows

Bitcoin Back Above $60,000: Bullish Week Ahead?

Bitcoin is on the rise, currently trading around $63,200, hitting recent highs of $64,446, marking a 7% increase

Bitcoin Price Forecast Amidst 6.4% Crypto Market Slump

Bitcoin's recent price drop, with BTC hovering around $57,280 and hitting an intraday low of $56,750

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Falls to $62,247

Despite market expectations, Bitcoin (BTC) faces a downtrend, dropping to $62,247, with an intra-day low of $62,007

Why is Crypto Taking a Dip Today? Market Overview

The global cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $2.43 trillion today experiencing a 3.2% decrease in over 24hs

Bitcoin Spikes 1.4%: Bullish Week Ahead?

Bitcoin's weekend surge of 1.4% in value with investor interest, fueling discussions about its price trajectory

The Biggest Crypto Poker Event Now

CoinPoker’s highly anticipated CSOP (Crypto Series of Poker) main event is just over 12 hours away

Today in Crypto: Daily News Digest

Why is crypto down? The global cryptocurrency market capitalization stands at $2.49 trillion, marking a 4.1% drop

Hong Kong to Launch Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs

Hong Kong is set to launch its highly anticipated spot Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange-traded funds by the end of April

9 Tips for Responsible Use of Cryptocurrencies

While digital assets offer exciting opportunities for investment and innovation, they come with challenges and risks

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Can BTC Beat Gold?

With Bitcoin's price hovering around $66,400, experiencing a minor 0.50% dip, all eyes are on its next moves

Crypto News Digest: April 23, 2024

Wondering why crypto is on the rise today? The global crypto market cap has surged nearly 2% in the last 24 hours

Bitcoin's Fourth Halving: What Investors Should Watch

The Bitcoin network made a significant move, cutting the incentives rewarded to miners in half for fourth time

Is the Bitcoin Bull Market Over Pre-Halving?

Bitcoin's recent drop below $60,000 has sparked concerns about the longevity of its impressive bull run this year

Bitcoin Halving: Price Prediction for Bull Market

Bitcoin, now trading at $63,999 with a 3.50% increase post-halving, has introduced a supply squeeze

Top Cryptos April 19: Injective, Gala, Akash

As cryptocurrency prices surge, investors seek hidden gems among smaller altcoins for potential quick wins

Bitcoin Halving Sparks Price Surge Predictions

This Saturday marks the eagerly awaited bitcoin halving event, the halving event entails a 50% reduction in new bitcoins

GBTC Dominates Outflows: Bitcoin ETFs Net $58M Outflow

Significant shifts in the Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) realm, zooming in on the substantial outflows

Crypto Now: Your Daily News Digest

The crypto market paints a somber picture with most major coins in the red, despite a slight uptick in global market

Bored Ape NFT Prices Plummet 90%, Sparking Concerns

Bored Ape NFT market witnessed a staggering 90% nosedive, plunging from its peak of 120 ETH to a mere 10 ETH presently

Top U.S. Crypto ATM Firm Thrives Amid Bitcoin Volatility

Bitcoin Depot, the foremost Bitcoin ATM operator in the United States with impressive revenue figures

What Can We Expect After The April 2024 Bitcoin Halving?

The halving is a network event typical of a few proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains.

Bitcoin Resilient Amid Broader Crypto Sell-Off: Fineqia

Bitcoin stands tall, boasting a dominance metric of 55.3%. Matteo Greco highlights Bitcoin's dominance surge

China's Bitcoin Mining Grip Sparks US Concerns

China's impact on cryptocurrency has seized attention, bitcoin mining operations might weave into vital U.S. systems

Crypto Today: Daily Digest Unveils Market Highlights

In the last 24 hours, the crypto market has surged, the total market capitalization has risen by nearly 2%

Grayscale: Bitcoin Demand Surges Amid Economic Challenges

Grayscale suggests that while recent inflation numbers could briefly affect cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Bull Run Losing Momentum? Key Indicator Suggests Slowdown

Bitcoin's possible easing, spotlighting the Value Days Destroyed Multiple indicator above 4.0 ahead of the halving

Bitcoin Price Forecast: Bull Market's End?

Crypto forecast: a potential downturn in Bitcoin prices surrounding the upcoming halving event

Bitcoin Halving 2024: Anticipating Crypto's Future

mid-April 2024 – the date when Bitcoin's much-anticipated 'halving' event takes center stage once again

Bitcoin Price Forecast: Could Bitcoin Hit $70,000 Soon?

Bitcoin's recent slide to $67,800 fuelling anticipation about its potential ascent to $70,000 in the near future

Top Crypto Buys: Ethena, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash

As Bitcoin eyes a bullish move towards the upper $67,000s amidst a backdrop of rising US stocks and a weakening dollar

Billionaire Steve Cohen's Crypto Venture: Wall Street's Exploration

Steve Cohen, the billionaire behind Point72 Asset Management, ventured into Bitcoin waters following his son's nudging

Ripple Enters Stablecoin Arena: Bold Market Response

Ripple, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency realm, has joined the lucrative $150 billion stablecoin market fray

Lithuania's Crypto Crackdown: Weeding Out Unlicensed Firms

Lithuania is set to roll out a robust licensing regimen targeting crypto companies within its borders

Bitcoin Braces for Silk Road Sell-off

BTC traders are on high alert as the market teeters of a potential downward spiral below the $65,000 threshold

Bitkub Eyes 2025 IPO Amid Crypto Competition

The powerhouse behind Bitkub, Thailand's premier cryptocurrency exchange, unveiled embarking on initial public offering

FTX Targets 2024 Repayments Amid Bankruptcy

Amidst the FTX bankruptcy proceedings, a significant pledge has emerged: to kickstart customer repayments

Bitcoin: Market Shifts & Economic Warnings

Bitcoin's daily trading volume dipping to $16 billion, the cryptocurrency's gentle climb to $70,098

Multicoin Capital: 9,000% Crypto Return Surge

A hedge fund entrenched in the world of cryptocurrency has left investors awe-inspired with its extraordinary returns

TikTok's Crypto Buzz: O'Leary Sparks Adoption

If O'Leary's acquisition of TikTok materializes, it could potentially catapult digital assets into an even brighter

Sam Bankman-Fried Faces 40-50 Years in Prison for FTX Fraud Case

FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried may get 40-50 years for fraud, marking a major fall from crypto fame

Today's Top Crypto Risks & Rewards

Traders are delving into the adventurous realm of on-chain "shitcoin" markets in search of today's top crypto

Today's Crypto Surge: Top Investment Picks

With major cryptocurrencies reaching near two-week highs, traders are eagerly seeking out the hottest picks in altcoin

CoinMart raises the stakes with $3M from IDG Capital, emerging as a new leader

Total funding now exceeds $15.5M for the Dutch crypto firm, which looks set to become a new European leader

Bitcoin and Ethereum Rally Amid Regulatory Uncertainty and Leadership Concerns

Bitcoin and Ethereum are blazing a fresh trail, hinting at the possibility of an exhilarating rally

Riding the Wave: xETH, TWEET, and KABO Surge Amid Broader Market Downturn

Stealing the limelight on DEXTools, bravely rising against the tide of a challenging market

A $3.1M Bitcoin Fee Fiasco: Unraveling the Crypto Drama

A daring Bitcoin user recently splashed a mind-bending $3.1 million in transaction fees to shuffle around 139.42 BTC

KeyRock Secures Swiss Regulatory Clearance, Paves the Way for Crypto Expansion

KeyRock, has triumphantly secured the coveted green light from the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association

Mixin Network Faces $200M Hack, Immediate Action and Investigation Underway

Digital tempest that resulted in the loss of an astronomical $200 million in assets on the mainnet

Hong Kong Social Media Influencer Detained Amidst JPEX Exchange Turmoil

The crypto investment controversy, social media star Joseph Lam nabbed in JPEX exchange probe

Germany's Blockchain Sector Thrives Amid Global Challenges

German blockchain shines with 3% funding boost while global sector falters 50% - CV VC Report

Fortress, crypto theft traced back all the way to Phishing Attack

Cryptocurrency theft and Ripple's Swift response, a look inside Fortress Trust's $15 million challenge

Sony Ventures into Blockchain Territory: A Pioneering Move in Japan

Sony Network Communications takes the blockchain plunge, Japan's Web3 and blockchain movement

Crypto Scams Persist on Social Media: Elon Musk's Twitter Woes Continue

Latest GBTC Deception, Scammers feigned association with Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

Balancing Act - SEC Urged to Greenlight Bitcoin ETFs in Quest for Crypto Regulation

Bloomberg, SEC's Chance to Shape Crypto Future with Bitcoin ETF, The Call for Cohesion

Crypto Market-Makers Navigate Choppy Waters Amid Challenges

Storm Clouds Gather for Crypto Market Makers Amid Investor Caution

Bitcoin's Surprising Resilience Amidst $342M Crypto Fund Outflows

Crypto Investment Funds Experience Weekly Flows: Altcoins Under Pressure, Bitcoin Bulls Resurface

Bank of China and Meituan Forge Stronger Digital Yuan Partnership

Bank of China & E-commerce Giant Meituan looking to step up their CBDC Powerhouse Alliance

Paradigm Undergoes Leadership Changes Amid Growth and Legal Battles

The company's has a commitment to expansion and regulatory matters

Major Banks Caught in Singapore's Multi-Million Dollar Money Laundering Scandal

Singapore's Financial Sector Shaken by Expansive Money Laundering Investigation, Banks' Involvement Raises Alarms

Social Media Giant X Dives into Crypto Payments

X now processes crypto payments with the Rhode Island License

WiFi Map Sets Sail with 168 Million Users, Reinforcing Crypto-Powered Dominance

WiFi Map Soars: 168M Users Fuel DeWi Triumph, Ascending Web3 Height, and cryptocurrency arenas

Ethereum's Daily Transaction Fees Dip to Eight-Month Low

Ethereum's Daily Fees Take 8-Month Dive, after it plunged to 1,719 ETH approximately $2.1 million

Binance Cuts Ties with Sanctioned Russian Banks: P2P Service Update

Binance Takes a Turn Amidst Sanctions: Russian Banks Severed from Peer-to-Peer Service

Unraveling the Third-Largest Bitcoin Wallet's Mystery Ownership

Who holds the key to the third-largest Bitcoin wallet? BlackRock's shade of mystery

North Korean Hackers Poised to Cash Out Millions in Stolen Crypto: FBI Alert

Alert: North Korean hackers poised to cash out millions in crypto heists, recent blockchain activity, theft of millions

Ethereum Co-founder Moves $1 Million: Vitalik Buterin's Strategic Crypto Maneuver

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s noteworthy deposit of 600 ether (ETH), equals a $1M+ surge to Coinbase

China's Deflationary Trends Cast Uncertainty over Bitcoin and Global Markets

China's Deflation Sparks Concerns for Bitcoin's Short-Term Fate slipping into deflation for the first time

Coinbase Secures Regulatory Nod for Crypto Futures Trading

Amidst SEC lawsuit, Coinbase greenlit for crypto futures trading to retail investors—unveiling fresh opportunities Raises €2M+ in Seed Funding Secures Over €2M in Seed Funding, Accelerating Cryptocurrency Payments Vision

High-Net-Worth Individuals Embrace Cryptocurrency with Vigor in Chile

Family Offices Flock to Crypto Amid Shifting Investment Strategies!

Avata and Authic Labs Announce New Partnership, Enabling Customized warranties for NFTs

Avata and Authic Labs are joining forces to bring Authic Labs’ customers peace-of-mind that the value of their NFTs is covered against loss

Bioma Token - a cryptocurrency that supports the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest

Bioma Token as an answer to cryptocurrency's negative environmental impact

What is the impact of AI and Blockchain on financial services?

Since blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have been integrated into the financial services sector, many disruptions and changes have occurred
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