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50 Green and Renewable Energy Startups to Watch Out in 2024

Explore 50 dynamic startups revolutionizing green technology, driving advancements in sustainability and clean energy for a healthier planet
March 28, 2024

The rise of renewable and green energy startups is nothing short of extraordinary, thanks to the growing demand for climate action all over the globe. With the pressing need to combat climate change and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, these forward-thinking ventures are all about flipping the script on traditional energy sources, offering eco-friendly alternatives that make it easy for consumers and businesses to make an impact in their own communities.

From harnessing the power of solar and wind, to pioneering groundbreaking tech in energy storage and distribution, these green energy startups are rewriting the playbook on how we power our world.

Join us as we shine a spotlight on the visionaries and trailblazers driving the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Top 50 Renewable and Green Energy Startups

More ventures, companies, and startups have collectively joined to make a difference for our world, and are here to help make it easy for us consumers to adapt to sustainable practices without doing so much of the “dirty” work - for example, plug and play solar panels are now more accessible for us, all we need to do is connect and start saving money on electrical bills. Here are the top 50 Renewable and Green Energy Startups to check out!

Public Grid, an American startup based in New York and founded in 2022, has developed an energy management platform designed to make the transition to green energy as easy and hassle-free as possible.

By integrating with existing electric accounts, Public Grid facilitates access to clean energy from its network of partners, eliminating the need for users to invest in renewable energy infrastructure or disrupt their current energy supply. Moreover, the platform continuously seeks out cost-saving opportunities for consumers. In essence, Public Grid doesn’t only facilitate the adoption of clean and green energy sources, but also identifies and implements energy-saving solutions to benefit its users.

Headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands, Deftpower’s automotive charging platform empowers businesses to profit from electric vehicle charging. By providing a comprehensive charging app, access to 800 networks in Europe, and payment services, Deftpower supports utilities, car manufacturers, and banks in creating user-friendly charging solutions.

Their platform offers a low-cost, low-risk, and rapid market entry for businesses seeking to engage with EV drivers and expand their services. In early 2024, Deftpower received funding of €2.5 million from the EU EIC Accelerator, a program for energy startups.

Deftpower > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Many homeowners still do not have solar panels attached to their houses due to factors like the complicated process of installing, or the cost of keeping and maintaining them. This is where Spanish startup Tornasol Energy comes into the scene: they offer plug-and-play solar kits, both flexible and lightweight which make it easy for installation in homes and apartments. Users can simply plug the solar kits into their nearest outlet, ensuring a smooth and easy process.

According to their website, their plug and play solar kits are out of stock, and customers can sign up for the waiting list for the next batch.

Founded in 2016, SolarTurtle is a socially impactful enterprise promoting economic development through renewable energy solutions in underserved communities. Their SolarTurtle platforms empower local entrepreneurs with solar-powered infrastructure, facilitating access to electricity for various purposes.

Designed for ease of deployment and powered by solar PV, SolarTurtle’s solutions drive entrepreneurship and green economic growth, offering reliable energy access where it’s needed most. This startup is currently headquartered in East London, South Africa.

SolarTurtle > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Specializing in sustainable carports and solar energy, Dutch startup Switch Energy helps utility companies and property managers optimize utility management and revenue collection. Leveraging IoT technology, they create smart energy networks that enable energy trading, demand-side management, and integration of renewable energy sources.

Indian startup Freyr Energy provides comprehensive solar-based energy solutions, including solar panels and tracking services, to optimize energy generation. Their innovative solutions empower users to monitor and maximize the efficiency of their solar systems, significantly reducing electricity bills. Their Series B round raised over $7 million.

Freyr Energy > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Common Energy is making an impact in electricity management by enabling households to connect to renewable energy sources. With over 100,000 households already connected, their platform facilitates easy access to clean energy, empowering consumers to make sustainable choices. New York-based Common Energy’s commitment to renewable energy adoption is driving positive change and reducing carbon footprints across communities.

Common Energy’s last series of funding raised them over $16.5M, and they are currently in their new round of financing, as announced in November 2023.

While HydrogenOne is not a renewable energy company per se, it is an investment company that funds clean hydrogen for a positive environmental impact. Their entire portfolio consists of hydrogen-focused assets in markets like Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa. Incorporated in 2021 and with headquarters in London, HydrogenOne mainly invests in unquoted hydrogen assets, projects, and companies.

HydrogenOne > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Carbo Culture's innovative technology converts waste biomass into carbon-negative charcoal, offering a sustainable solution for energy generation. By removing gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere, they are tackling climate change head-on and driving positive environmental impact.

Carbo Culture was founded in 2016 and is currently headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. With a focus on waste utilization and carbon sequestration, Carbo Culture is leading the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future. In their latest funding round in 2023, Carbo Culture has raised over $18M.

Photanol BV pioneers biochemical production, turning CO2 into renewable chemicals, offering a sustainable alternative to fossil-based chemicals. Their innovative approach reduces production costs, eliminates price volatility, and utilizes CO2 waste, making chemical production more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Photanol is currently based in the Amsterdam Science Park. By harnessing renewable resources, Photanol BV is revolutionizing the chemical industry and contributing to a cleaner, greener future. Their last financing round raised them over €8M.

Photanol BV > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Rotterdam-based startup SolarDuck pioneers offshore floating solar technology, capitalizing on the global transition towards offshore solar installations driven by land scarcity and net-zero goals. With solar expected to dominate the renewable energy transition, SolarDuck forecasts installations ranging between 14,000 to 20,000 GW by 2050. In 2023, they secured €15M in funding from investors.

Revolutionizing building infrastructure, NextEnergy Technologies offers transparent solar windows capable of generating renewable energy to power homes and buildings. Selected for the prestigious global IN2 program by Wells Fargo, their innovative solution marks a significant leap in renewable energy integration. NextEnergy secured a total of $28.9M over nine rounds of funding.

Founded in 2017 and with headquarters in Sweden, Liquid Wind leads that charge in alternative fuel production, utilizing renewable energy to generate hydrogen and combining it with CO2 to produce carbon-neutral liquid fuel. With plans to expand operations to France, their patented technology promises a sustainable alternative to traditional fuels. Their Series B financing round in 2023 raised €15.2M.

Liquid Wind > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Rebel Energy, founded in 2017 in London, England, aims to democratize access to clean energy by introducing a credit system that will enable households to improve their credit rating while receiving renewable energy. Currently in beta testing, their innovative approach marks a significant step towards a more inclusive energy future. As of writing, their funding is over £561.3K.

AquaGreen is a biomass treatment startup from Denmark, and was founded in 2016. AquaGreen transforms waste biomass into renewable thermal energy and biochar, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions and storing atmospheric CO2. With significant investment backing, including Nordic Alpha Partners, they are driving sustainable waste management and renewable energy production.

In 2023, they announced that they secured funding of 30 Million Danish krones, or €4M.

Addressing urban mobility challenges, Dutch car-sharing company MyWheels offers shared mobility services integrated within cities, reducing the need for personal vehicle ownership and promoting sustainable transportation solutions in densely populated areas. MyWheels has over 3,000 cars in the Netherlands, most of them electric, and can easily be booked through an app.

In 2023, they raised more than €1M in 19 days, with the goal to have a fully electric fleet by 2025.

MyWheels > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Corekees, a leading Dutch investment platform, offers a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in carbon-offsetting tree cultivation, harnessing the carbon-absorbing properties of the Pongamia tree while producing renewable crude oil as an alternative to fossil fuels. They also invest in other types of sustainable projects like biofuels, energy transition, or sustainably grown bamboo plants.

According to their website, Corekees is targeted to raise €2.8M in managed assets in 2024 during their Seedblink Crowdfunding. In 2026, they will have their first Series A round.

Dubbed as the “Green Tinder”, simplifies the origination and execution of commercials-scale renewable energy projects through its matchmaking and analytics platform. By connecting site owners with developers, financiers, and specialists, they streamline the project development process and drive the adoption of renewable energy solutions.

Amsterdam-based startup ReGen Villages pioneers sustainable residential developments with a focus on regenerative infrastructure for food, water, energy, and waste management. With a patent-pending VillageOS software, they aim to create self-sustaining communities worldwide, using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

ReGen Villages > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Amphibious Energy, based in Delft, the Netherlands, designs autonomous green energy systems, including the EnergyPod, a portable solution combining wind, solar, and battery storage. With a focus on both onshore and offshore markets, their innovative approach addresses the growing demand for renewable energy solutions.

Soly Global is a solar energy company with the mission to democratize solar energy access by offering solutions that enable customers to generate, store, and manage solar energy independently of fossil fuels. With a commitment to sustainability, Soly is making significant strides in promoting renewable energy adoption across Europe. In January 2024, they announced that they had secured €30M in funding.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Blossom Energy is a manufacturing company that’s making waves with its advanced nuclear reactors. These reactors, leveraging fourth-generation HGTR technology, produce clean and sustainable energy. Blossom Energy is committed to making this technology affordable and accessible, focusing on stability and sustainability in energy production. Their Series B round in 2024 raised them over $4.17M.

Blossom Energy > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Cyan Renewables, headquartered in Singapore and founded in 2022, is making waves as Asia’s first pure-play offshore wind farm vessel owner. With a focus on serving the rapidly growing offshore wind farm industry, Cyan Renewables provides innovative solutions for offshore wind energy projects globally.

Their vessels are instrumental in supporting the development and maintenance of offshore wind farms, contributing to the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure. In January 2024, Cyan Renewables announced that they had entered the UK market with an acquisition of 75% stake in Sentinel Marine.

Zypp Electric, established in 2017, is leading the charge in India towards carbon-free last-mile logistics. Through their tech-enabled EV-as-a-Service platform, Zypp Electric offers sustainable delivery solutions powered by electric vehicles and EV-based technology. By delivering groceries, medicines, and e-commerce packages through IoT and AI-enabled scooters, Zypp Electric is driving positive environmental impact while revolutionizing the logistics sector. With over 11 funding rounds, this startup has raised over $37.5 million.

Headquartered in Germany and established in 2022, Reverion is making waves with its versatile hardware solutions for biogas plants. With innovative fuel cell technology, Reversion extracts twice as much energy from biogas compared to traditional combustion processes. This enables efficient conversion of bio-gas or hydrogen into electricity, paving the way for sustainable energy production and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Their latest funding round secured €8.5M.

Reverion > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Based in Latvia and founded in 2018, Aerones is disrupting wind turbine maintenance with robotic automation. Their advanced robots perform a range of functions, including internal inspections, repairs, and painting, in extreme weather conditions. By leveraging AI-powered predictive maintenance services, Aerones reduces downtime and improves profitability in the wind power industry, contributing to the longevity and efficiency of renewable energy infrastructure.

In 2024, Aerones announced that they had received €4,416,000 grant from the EU Innovation Fund.

Ripple Energy, headquartered in the UK, aims to democratize wind and solar park ownership. By offering opportunities for energy consumers to part-own renewable energy projects, Ripple Energy empowers individuals to contribute to and benefit from the growth of renewable energy. Through their innovative model, Ripple Energy is fostering community engagement and accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future. In 2023, they secured $18M in funding.

Swedish startup Dryft addresses the increasing demand for energy-efficient home renovations. With a focus on sustainability, Dryft offers comprehensive solutions for energy home renovation, from small changes to building new energy-efficient kitchens and bathrooms. By streamlining the renovation process and providing access to relevant workers, Dryft is empowering consumers to make their homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. With one round, Dryft raised $1.93M.

Dryft > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

DRIFT Energy sets sail as a visionary solution for a sustainable and secure green fuel supply on the high seas. Their groundbreaking DRIFT Energy Yacht is designed to harness the power of the ocean to achieve net-zero emissions. By ingeniously capturing kinetic energy through onboard turbines and converting it into “green hydrogen,” this 190-foot-long catamaran offers a revolutionary approach to renewable energy generation.

Capable of generating over 140 tons of green hydrogen per year, the MVY - Most Valuable Yacht - promises to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, making waves in the realm of luxury yachting while championing environmental stewardship.

Hamburg-based German startup HH2E emerges as a leader in the renewable energy sector by mastering the art of converting fluctuating solar and wind energy into stable power. Using innovative technologies, HH2E harnesses energy from production peaks to produce cost-effective, carbon-free heat, green hydrogen, and electricity for local industries and communities. Their last funding round raised them over $6.13M from two investors.

HH2E > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Dusseldorf-based startup Dabbel AI revolutionizes building energy management with its cutting-edge AI technology, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 40%. Offering a seamless software update that can be implemented in less than a week with no upfront costs, Dabbel AI empowers buildings to optimize their energy systems intelligently. With its AI boost, Dabbel AI sets a new standard in energy efficiency. In 2021, they raised €3.6M in their pre-Series A funding round.

ZeroAvia, based in Hollister, California, is a trailblazer in the aviation industry with its innovative hydrogen-electric aircraft technology. Founded in 2017, ZeroAvia aims to enable zero-emission air travel at scale, starting with 500-mile short-haul trips, all at half the cost of current alternatives. While ZeroAvia is based in California, its largest operation is in the United Kingdom. Spearheading the transition to sustainable aviation, ZeroAvia represents a promising step towards a greener and more efficient future for air travel.

In November 2023, ZeroAvia announced that their Series C funding raised them over $116M.

BayoTech provides low-cost, low/no carbon-hydrogen generation systems for agriculture, fuel cells, and energy industries. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, BayoTech’s 2023 revenue was at an estimated $3.0M. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, BayoTech offers solutions that pave the way for a more energy-efficient future.

BayoTech > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Illinois-based startup LanzaJet stands at the forefront of sustainable fuels technology, dedicated to carbon recycling and expanding the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and renewable jet fuel. With a mission to address the urgent need for cleaner energy solutions in the aviation sector, LanzaJet makes use of new technologies that promise to reduce carbon emissions for air travel. This startup was founded in 2020, and had a $20M revenue in 2023.

In a bid to tackle climate impacts head-on during their global tours, Coldplay has turned to innovative solutions like kinetic dance floors, courtesy of Energy Floors, a company backed by EIT InnoEnergy. By strategically placing these kinetic floors around the stadium, Coldplay harnesses the power of fan enthusiasm, converting their dance moves into energy to power the show itself.

Rotterdam-based Energy Floors, the brains behind The Sustainable Kinetic Dance Floor, ingeniously transformed human dancing into a sustainable energy source, with each Energy Centre boasting 44 specially-designed tiles for fans to dance on, alongside 15 stationary bikes for additional energy generation. Crafted from recycled plastics to endure the wear and tear of extensive touring, these custom-made floor tiles serve as a testament to Coldplay’s commitment to sustainability throughout their four-year world tour.

Energy Floors > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Hailing from Brazil, Nextron Energia introduces an energy-as-a-service clean-tech platform designed to simplify access to renewable energy. By offering seamless digital solutions for both consumers and generators, Nextron Energia aims to empower individuals and businesses to save on their electricity bills with clean energy alternatives such as solar energy. In March 2024, Nextron announced that they have completed their Series A funding round, having raised over $5.3M.

Headquartered in Dubai, Neutral Fuels leads in waste cooking oil to biofuel conversion solutions, offering a closed-loop system that ensures end-to-end traceability and quality control. With its innovative oil collection system and cloud-based portal, Neutral Fuels provides customers with fully traceable and sustainable biofuels. By offering fuel optimization solutions and promoting the use of renewable energy sources, Neutral Fuels is driving positive change in the transportation industry.

Neutral Fuels > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Bluewheel Mining provides a sustainable platform for crypto mining, harnessing renewable energy sources to power its operations. By offering users access to sustainable crypto mining solutions, Bluewheel Mining is making a change in the crypto industry by promoting environmental sustainability and responsible practices. Bluewheel Mining was founded in 2022 and has not been funded yet.

Wallbox is a pioneer in smart charging and energy solutions, aiming to promote the adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy sources. Founded in Catalonia, Spain in 2015, Wallbox offers technologies that enable efficient and sustainable charging from electric vehicles. Wallbox reported significant funding of $70.2M from five rounds, with 13 investors.

Li-Cycle is a clean technology startup on a mission to address the global challenge of lithium-ion battery recycling. Founded in 2016 and based in Canada, Li-Cycle offers unique solutions for recycling lithium-ion batteries, promoting circular economy principles and reducing environmental impact. In March 2024, they closed a $75M investment from Glencore, a Swiss mining and trading company, to develop a European recycling hub.

Li-Cycle > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Munich-based Phelas strives to makes 100% renewable electricity a global reality. Established in 2020, this forward-thinking startup is dedicated to developing modular, cost-effective, and safe electricity storage systems for utilities, grid operators, industries, and renewable energy developers.

With a vision to change the world’s transition to renewable energy, Phelas is committed to providing scalable solutions that will make it easier for the widespread adoption of renewable energy. In March 2024, Phelas secured €4.1M in a seed funding round.

Celtic Renewables is constantly innovating in the biofuel industry, using patented low-carbon tech to convert biological by-products into superior next-generation biofuels. As the first company to produce biofuel from the by-products of the Scotch whisky industry, Edinburgh-based Celtic Renewables is dedicated to commercializing sustainable solutions that address environmental challenges while creating valuable commodities. To date, they have over £35M raised in funding.

Enernet Global is helping in driving the global adoption of clean energy through development, financing, operation, and construction of microgrids. Founded in 2015 and with headquarters in New York, this renewable energy startup is committed to displacing polluting and expensive fuels with high-penetration renewable systems.

By delivering renewable generation and energy storage solutions with smart control and no upfront costs, Enernet Global empowers companies, investors, and communities to embrace clean energy and drive positive change. Their last funding round in 2021 raised over $6.55M.

Enernet Global > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Better Earth is a promising solution in the solar industry, dedicated to providing customers with affordable, high-quality solar solutions without compromising on aesthetics. Founded with the aim of solving multiple challenges in the solar industry, Better Earth offers premium-designed products with a strong 25-year production guarantee. By enabling customers to own their power and pay less, Better Earth makes the transition to clean and sustainable energy easier than ever before.

Founded in 2020, CarbonTRACK Africa is revolutionizing energy monitoring, control and automation. Their technology facilitates sustainable energy consumption and equitable energy distribution, fostering a future where energy empowers all. By connecting energy generators, distributors, and consumers, CarbonTRACK enables the creation of embedded networks, virtual power plants, and smart grids, driving the transition to a more efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem.

ZunRoof, headquartered in India, is a home-tech firm that specializes in providing smart solar rooftop systems for clean energy solutions. They use a mix of IoT automation solutions, virtual reality, and image processing to install solar panels and systems. ZunRoof reports an annual revenue of over $12 million.

Helion Energy, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United States, pioneers clean electricity generation through fusion energy. With significant funding and a focus on innovation, Helion Energy is committed to harnessing the power of fusion to create safe energy solutions for the future.

Currently, the company is building the world’s first fusion power plant - by raising fusion fuel to “temperatures greater than 100 million degrees Celsius, and directly extracting electricity with a high-efficiency pulsed approach”, as described on their website. In 2021, they received $500 million in Series E funding.

Helion Energy > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups

Heliogen, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Pasadena, California, is a renewable energy technology firm that harnesses solar energy to replace fossil fuels. The way they do it is by combining AI-controlled thermal technology with thermal energy storage, therefore producing and providing renewable energy for operations that usually make use of a lot of energy or heat.

Solar thermal is also one of Heliogen’s offerings - they utilize AI, cameras, and softwares to position mirrors to concentrate sunlight on a receiver tower. During the day, this generates heat, and transfers it to thermal energy storage to provide a consistent clean steam. With over 7 rounds of funding, Heliogen has raised $111M.

Based in Berlin, Enter is a comprehensive service focused on energy independence and cost reduction for homeowners. Founded in 2020, Enter offers end-to-end home decarbonization solutions, doing so by developing a set of exclusive tech that enables hands-off data capture from building owners, coupled with audit calculations. Their latest funding round in 2023 secured over €19.4M.

Hycamite, based in Kokkola, Finland, specializes in industry decarbonization through methane pyrolysis technology. Founded in 2020, Hycamite offers industrial clients low-carbon hydrogen and sustainable carbon products, enabling carbon-neutral and carbon-negative hydrogen production. In July 2023, they announced that they have raised €25M from different investors.

Hycamite > one of the top 50 renewable and green energy startups


While some of the ventures and startups listed above are not exactly sourcing renewable and green energy themselves, their platforms, investments, and technology help make the transition toward green energy easier than ever before.

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