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Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024

Discover the dynamic landscape of renewable energy initiatives as we spotlight companies leading the charge towards a greener future.
March 13, 2024

Not only are green energy companies moving us to a sustainable world where eco-living is not just a buzzword but a lifestyle, but we also see it in real time. Right now, electric vehicles are getting popular; more and more families and buildings are switching to solar panels as their main sources of power.

These appear to be tiny adjustments for the average person when we consider the size of the earth – but they are actually significant ones. This is because irrespective of whether one likes it or not (and sincerely speaking who would dislike this?), things on the ground are changing towards being clean and green. It could be argued that by accepting efficiency, innovation, and sustainable practices, going green ceases to be an act of sacrifice but rather an intelligent decision aimed at safeguarding our future generation.

Renewable vs clean energy: What’s the difference?

Renewable energy consists of energy that is generated from natural sources that replenish quickly, like wind, geothermal (heat generated from the earth’s core), and solar energy. Green energy, at its core, has the least impact on the environment - like electricity that has been produced from solar, wind, or geothermal. Green energy does not release carbon emissions that harm the environment; in fact, green energy reduces carbon footprint.

So, are renewable energy and green energy almost synonymous? Not really. Nevertheless, some forms of renewable energy cannot be termed as “green” although all “green” energies can be considered as parts of renewable energy. According to Constellation Energy, this might perhaps be expressed best by describing wind-generated electricity which is both green and renewable, while burning wood is renewable (due to the ability to grow more trees) but not green, as it emits pollution into the atmosphere.

More companies and emerging startups are joining the global mission to address climate change, and we're here to introduce you to a diverse array of them. While some of these companies boast years of experience in the renewable energy sector, others are newcomers bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the table.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024

Renewable, green, and clean energy doesn’t just happen overnight. Driven by the combined effort of individuals, companies, and governmental bodies over the years, we’re now living in an era where this can be achieved even in the comforts of our own homes. Here are the Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024!

Headquartered in Baltimore and with a 2023 revenue of almost $25 billion, Constellation Energy Corp stands tall as a diversified energy company providing electrical, nuclear, and natural gas services across the United States. Known as the largest carbon-free energy producer and nuclear power plant operator in the nation, Constellation caters to a wide clientele comprising businesses, residences, and public sectors.

With its commitment to cleaner energy production, Constellation is a great example of innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.

Founded in Denmark in 1945 and currently headquartered in Aarhus, Vestas Wind Systems is a proven and tested global leader when it comes to wind energy solutions. From development to manufacturing and installation, Vestas is synonymous with excellence in wind turbine tech, with a 2023 revenue of over 15 million euros.

Vestas’ wind turbine installations are gracing skylines across countries worldwide, contributing significantly to the global transition towards renewable power sources.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Vestas Wind Systems

Founded in 2006, Canadian Solar Inc has consistently proven itself as a player in the solar energy landscape. Specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of solar photovoltaic modules, Canadian Solar offers comprehensive energy solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients spanning over 160 countries.

Through its commitment to innovation and sustainability, this renewable and green energy company continues to drive the adoption of solar energy on a global scale, thanks to over 26 manufacturing facilities in Asia and the Americas and over $7 billion in revenue.

US-based Brookfield Renewable Corp is a leading company actively involved in owning and operating renewable power assets worldwide. Brookfield is a publicly traded platform, one of the largest in the renewable energy sector, with a 2023 revenue of $5 billion.

While primarily focusing on hydroelectric power operations, Brookfield Renewable has diversified its portfolio to include wind, solar, distributed generation, and storage facilities.

Armed with a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship, Brookfield Renewable plays an important role in the transition towards clean and renewable energy sources.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Brookfield Renewable Corp

Boasting a legacy spanning three decades, Florida-based NextEra Energy has come to be an important player in the sector of renewable energy, pioneering universal solar solutions and establishing itself as one of the world’s largest wind and solar energy generators. Beyond renewables, NextEra Energy also operates nuclear power and natural gas plants, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to clean energy production.

As of 2023, NextEra Energy has a revenue of over $28 billion. Through investments in innovative battery storage tech and low-emissions natural gas generation, NextEra Energy continues to drive forward the evolution of the energy landscape toward a sustainable future.

Distinguished in the renewable energy domain, Enel Green Power orchestrates a myriad of energy facets, using cutting-edge technologies across solar, geothermal, wind, and hydroelectric power. Enel Green Power is headquartered in Rome, Italy, with over €9M in revenue. They consistently collaborate with communities, holding outreach programs and organizing hiking groups, all while bringing awareness to climate change and sustainability.

This company claims that by 2040, its activities will have zero net impact on the environment, as well as zero carbon emissions - bringing importance to its commitment to sustainable practices by emphasizing the production of green energy. More than that, Enel Green Power is also championing the innovative development of technologies that will amplify the accessibility of clean, green, renewable energy.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Enel Green Power

Headquartered in Singapore, Blueleaf Energy is one of Pan-Asia’s largest renewable energy platforms, serving both corporate and industrial consumers. Blueleaf finances, operates, and develops renewables to provide consumers with solutions to achieve their sustainability goals. This renewable energy company boasts a massive portfolio spanning countries like the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Kuwait, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea, and Malaysia, with a revenue of $12M.

Early in 2023, Blueleaf Energy, along with SunAsia Energy, another renewable energy platform, were awarded contracts to create the world’s largest floating solar project to be built in the Philippines.

Blueleaf Energy operates as a stand-alone company of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG).

Spanish conglomerate Acciona SA has a global reach, spanning 16 countries on five continents, embedding them deeply in the renewable energy sector - offering 100% renewable energy solutions that are free from fossil-fuel-powered technologies. Their 2023 revenue is over $11.8B.

With their goal to lead the transition towards a low-carbon economy through their diverse range of renewable energy assets including onshore wind, photovoltaic, biomass, hydroelectric, and solar thermal facilities, Acciona SA shows a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to sustainable energy generation.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Acciona SA

As a staple entity in the global renewable energy sector, Danish energy company Ørsted is revered as one of the world’s most sustainable companies. This multinational company offers a broad range of green energy solutions encompassing offshore and onshore wind, solar energy, and energy storage solutions.

Ørsted is consistent with its commitment to environmental sustainability and transparency with their activities, releasing reports every now and then. In 2023, Ørsted’s revenue was over 10.6 billion euros.

Considered a giant in the energy sector, Engie’s involvement in renewable and low-carbon energy is nothing short of impressive. With headquarters in La Défense, France, this global energy group has set out ambitious plans to invest billions in renewable energy projects over the coming years. Their revenue for the year 2023 is a whopping $91 billion, and they operate in over 31 countries with almost 100,000 employees.

Engie provides renewables, energy solutions, infrastructure, power supply, and thermal generation. Through their strategic focus on accelerating the transition to sustainable energy, Engie is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of renewable energy production and distribution across Europe and beyond.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Engie

With a goal to “solve energy poverty”, BBOXX empowers communities in regions with unreliable electricity supplies by providing off-grid solar panel systems. Through 14 rounds of equity fundraisings totaling £193M, BBOX has scaled its operations significantly.

BBOXX’s headquarters is in Rwanda, with a very strong presence in the African market. In May 2023, the company secured £53.9M in funding (their largest one to date), demonstrating investor confidence in its mission to expand access to clean energy solutions worldwide.

As a global leader in the energy sector, Voltalia offers a diverse range of services, including solar, wind, hydro, and biomass. Voltalia provides end-to-end support to customers, from project conception to operation and maintenance - by operating from an energy provider & service provider business model.

Essentially, they build and develop their own power plants to provide renewable energy, and they also provide services to clients when it comes to development and maintenance of their own plants. Voltalia reported a revenue of €495.2 million in 2023. With headquarters in Paris, France, Voltalia contributes significantly to the transition towards cleaner energy sources and fosters a greener future for generations to come.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Voltalia

Specializing in electrical infrastructure and renewable energy, Spanish company TSK Electronica y Electricidad offers a wide range of services like the construction and management of photovoltaic and solar power plants, waste-to-energy facilities, and hydropower installations. With a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability, TSK is committed to developing tech that contributes to a greener future while meeting the growing energy demand of communities worldwide. As of 2023, TSK’s revenue is over 976 million euros.

A household name at this point, Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Headquartered in Texas, Tesla is also the pioneer in the development of electric vehicles and renewable energy generation. Through its approach, Tesla aims to make sustainable energy accessible and affordable to all, driving forward the adoption of clean energy technologies and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Tesla’s 2023 revenue is over $96.8 billion - by far one of the biggest on this list.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Tesla

Based in Nijmegen, Netherlands, SolarNow distributes aspirational solar products and appliances sold on credit, making renewable energy accessible to communities where traditional distribution channels are lacking.

Through its scalable and commercially sustainable business model, SolarNow empowers individuals with modern solar solutions, creating a significant social impact and paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. SolarNow’s estimated revenue is $81.9 million.

A leading Chinese solar energy company, Jinko Solar serves customers in China with its comprehensive range of solar products and services, from silicon ingots to solar modules, Jinko Solar offers integrated solar system solutions, driving forward the adoption of clean energy technologies on a global scale. Jinko Solar has reported their 2023 revenue to be over $1.1 billion USD.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Jinko Solar

With a vision for a cleaner, greener future for India, Adani Green Energy Limited develops, builds, owns, operates, and maintains utility-scale solar and wind farm projects. Through its extensive portfolio and commitment to sustainability, Adani Green contributes significantly to India’s renewable energy transition, supplying electricity to government entities and corporations while reducing environmental impact. Adani Green is currently headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, with a 2023 revenue of over $1.1 billion USD, or 86.33 billion INR.

Setting ambitious goals for net-zero emissions by 2050, Norway-based Equinor invests heavily in renewable energy sources such as offshore wind, solar, and hydrogen. As a leading player in offshore wind energy, Equinor runs several projects worldwide, including the Empire Wind and Beacon Wind projects in the United States, driving forward the transition towards cleaner energy production and reducing carbon footprint.

Equinor reports a $107 billion revenue in 2023, an almost 29% decline from the previous year.

UK-based Equinor is a green energy company that specializes in Electric Range Extended Vehicles (EREVs) for the urban delivery sector, securing funding to pioneer sustainable transportation solutions. With a focus on electric mobility, Tevva aims to reduce emissions and environmental impact in urban areas, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future for cities worldwide.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Tevva

Leveraging solid-state, dye-sensitized solar cells, Oxford Photovoltaics develops innovative solar solutions that can be printed on glass surfaces. With substantial funding and a focus on technology development, Oxford Photovoltaics drives forward the adoption of solar energy in architectural and building applications, contributing to a more sustainably built environment. This renewable and green energy company is based in Yarnton, Oxfordshire.

Another French company, TotalEnergies focuses on different kinds of energies: biofuels, oils, natural gas, green energy, renewables, and electricity. They provide gas stations, charging ports for electric vehicles, and more. TotalEnergies’ journey towards sustainability includes comprehensive engagements especially across the renewable energy part of the business, focusing on the production and distribution of low-to-no carbon electricity.

Consisting of clean energy companies like OVO Energy, the OVO Group focuses on supplying gas and electricity while driving innovation in sustainable energy solutions. With £259M raised through four funding rounds, including a notable £200m in February of 2019, OVO Group has positioned itself as an important mainstay in the renewable energy sector.

Additionally, this Bristol-based company’s receipt of £250k in grant funding shows its commitment to advancing emissions-reducing technologies and fostering a greener future.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > OVO Group

Operating a vast portfolio of renewable energy projects, London-based Sonnedix boasts over 400 solar PV plants/farms across 10 countries, making it a significant contributor to Europe’s solar energy landscape.

Having raised £284M in equity fundraising, Sonnedix continues to expand its reach and impact in renewable energy. As of 2024, Sonnedix has the sixth-largest solar PV portfolio in Europe.

Headquartered in China, Risen Energy has made a name for itself as a leading developer, manufacturer, and investor in PV projects worldwide. With a global presence spanning countries like Germany, Australia, Mexico, India, Japan, and the USA, Risen Energy’s solar projects reach an impressive capacity of around 48 GW.

Since its founding in 1986, the company has remained committed to driving the adoption of solar energy on a global scale with more than a hundred offices worldwide, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Risen Energy

Specializing in community solar, Enterprise Energy has been a key player in renewable energy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. In essence, Enterprise Energy leases land that is good for community solar projects, especially for people who don’t have a good spot for installations, giving them the opportunity to group together and place solar panels in a good location. Once the bill credit comes, Enterprise Energy sells this to the ones “subscribed” to the community solar project, allowing them to save money.

As a leading developer with a capacity of 30,000 MW across four continents, Chicago-based Invenergy plays a significant role in operating renewable energy generation projects. With a diverse portfolio of wind and solar parks, Invenergy remains committed to driving the transition to renewable energy sources.

As of writing, Invenergy’s revenue is over $1.2B. Last June 2023, Invenergy received over $1B in funding from Blackstone INC.

Sun Exchange operates a unique marketplace where individuals can purchase and lease solar panels for installation in sunny locations worldwide. Through this platform, users earn a predictable financial return from their solar panels, paid out in flat or cryptocurrency. By democratizing solar energy investments, Sun Exchange empowers individuals to contribute to the expansion of clean energy solutions, fostering a more sustainable and equitable energy ecosystem.

Sun Exchange is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, and has powered over 80 organizations and 30 schools across the continent.

Top 30 Renewable and Green Energy Companies for 2024 > Sun Exchange

Operating from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp delivers rate-regulated utility and renewable energy services to over one million consumers across North America. With a diverse service portfolio encompassing natural gas, water, and electricity, Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp is at the front of the transition towards cleaner energy sources. Through strategic investments in solar, wind, hydro, and thermal energy projects, the company continues to expand its global footprint while being a leader in sustainability and environmental responsibility.

With headquarters in Singapore, Vena Energy is a leading renewable and green energy company that serves the Asia-Pacific region with offices in Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, and India.

Vena Energy joins the ranks of other renewable energy companies in the global action against climate change, through the decarbonization of the energy sector. Vena Energy’s business comprises wind and solar installations, offshore wind turbines, and energy storage across the Asian region. Their revenue as of 2023 is over $284M.

Matrix Gas & Renewables is a new player in the green energy sector. Based in the Gujarat region of India, Matrix emerges as one of the fastest-growing companies for natural gas aggregation and green hydrogen infrastructure to meet the growing demands of India’s developing economy. In early 2024, Matrix raised $42M ahead of its initial public offering (IPO).

While natural gas is not exactly green energy as it is still a fossil fuel after all - it is, however, cleaner and produces less pollution than that of traditional fuel. To offset this, the company is planning to set up biogas plants across India, utilizing raw materials like potato peels, cow dung, solid waste, and more.

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