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HSBC Transforms SVB UK Acquisition into HSBC Innovation Banking

SVB UK's remarkable turnaround: HSBC unveils Innovation Banking

Cohere Raises $270M in Funding, Surpasses $2.1B Valuation

Cohere's AI Model Ecosystem Secures $270M in Series C Funding

Stripe Launches Charge Card Program to Simplify Business Credit Access

Stripe's launch of the charge card program marks another step towards simplifying business credit access

European & Israeli Startup Mafias

Former employees of European and Israeli unicorns launch their own startups

First Citizens to Cut 500 Jobs as SVB's US Operations Change Hands

Layoffs represent less than 3% of First Citizens' overall workforce

Starling CEO Anne Boden to step down in June

The neobank recorded a £195m profit for 2022

Money Moves: Private Equity & Venture Capital

Private equity versus venture capital, a guide to their similarities, differences, and inner-workings

Queer-Unfriendly?: Daylight Bank Announces Closure

A lawsuit filed by former employees contributes to the closure of the LGBTQ+ bank

San Francisco’s Tech Exodus: A City’s Demise

Layoffs and closures of tech companies render San Francisco a “ghost town”

Bank of England Set to Reject Revolut's UK Banking license Application

The bank did apply for a UK license in 2021

Revolut to start offering loans in France

Next stage of the bank’s development is to compete with the established players

Hands In Raises $550K Funding to Transform Group Payments

Hands In Secures Major Partnerships and Funding, Set to Transform Online Group Payments Across Industries

U.S. Investors Pull Back from China’s Tech Scene

Strained political relations cause American investments in Chinese technology to fall

MTFX Disrupts Global Transfers

Revolutionizing Cross-Border Payments with Affordable, Innovative, and User-Friendly Services

SV Bank: HSBC says UK buyout boosts profit by $1.5 billion

Banking giant HSBC says its profits got a $1.5bn boost

Crypto Market Declines

Bitcoin Drops from $30.000 Mark

JPMorgan to buy $330B in assets of First Republic Bank

FDIC closes down First Republic Bank, names JPMorgan as buyer of assets and deposits

Circle CEO blames US crypto crackdown for declining USDC market cap

Circle CEO says the crackdown on crypto is reducing the market

Treasury tightens nonbank rules after banking crisis

Further regulation of nonbank institutions is called for

UBS Brings Back Ex-Chief, Ermotti

To integrate UBS and Credit Suisse, Ralph Hamers steps down as chief

UBS Buys Credit Suisse for $3.2 Billion

In an emergency rescue, the Union Bank of Switzerland buys Credit Suisse

US Shareholders Sue Credit Suisse Over Financial Meltdown

Investors were misled by Credit Suisse's failure to disclose substantial customer outflows and weaknesses

Old Habits Die Hard: SVB Offers Loans Post Buyout

Silicon Valley Bank’s UK branch continues to fund the tech sector after HSBC bought it out

SVB collapses: HSBC buys UK arm for 1 pound

The British division of the Silicon Valley Bank was acquired by HSBC for one pound.

Launch of New Fund of Funds to Support European High-Tech Companies

On February 13th, the European Tech Champions Initiative (ETCI) mandate was signed by five EU Members

Artisio Successfully Raises £250,000 in Pre-Seed Round

Artisio - a complete auction management solution company based in London, raised £250K in pre-seed funding


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