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Unlocking HR-Tech Innovations, Strategic Partnerships in September

The cutting-edge HR platform that supercharges productivity, engagement, and retention, is teaming up with Papaya Global

Mujin Raises $85M Series C Funding to Fuel the Future of Industrial Automation

As the labor pool shrinks, companies turn to automation. Mujin's AI software transforms factories

Talent Attraction Startup, inploi, Secures £1.35 Million to Power US Expansion

Where AI meets SaaS

Unleashing Product-Driven Innovation: Job&Talent's Transformation

CTO Yaron Zeidman guides to product-driven success

Propel Secures €2.5M to Empower Tech Communities with Benefits & Jobs

No Such Ventures Investor Joins Forces with Propel, Paving the Way for a Game-Changing Future of Work!

AI-Powered Leadership Development: BetterUp Connect

AI Unleashed: Revolutionizing Leadership Development. Here's the Breakthrough...

StellarUp secures €500K to boost HR SaaS solution and reach new heights

"Our mission is to elevate it to new heights of improved performance, speed, and excellence” co-founder, Estelle R.S

Recruitroo Raises €1M to Revolutionize Global Hiring

Recruitroo: reinventing recruitment with new board chair, HR Tech expert Andreea Wade

RChilli adds Hungarian to it’s language capabilities

By integrating, RChilli enables businesses to break language barriers and unlock new talent acquisition

The Muse Introduces Coach Connect Outplacement Services to Empower Job Transitions

By offering personalized coaching, The Muse strives to empower individuals

Caltius Structured Capital Strengthens AspireHR with Strategic Investment

The infusion of capital and support from Caltius will undoubtedly propel AspireHR

With its eye on reducing time-to-hire rates, AMS launches its AMS One

AMS One is the latest addition to AMS's technology portfolio, following the launch of AMS Verified, a talent technology community

Menlo Micro hires its first chief operating officer, a longtime industry veteran

Yalcin Bulut joins Menlo

Qualifi Raises $4.5M

The Indianapolis-based company provides enterprise solutions for high-volume hiring

Jobiqo and Aimwel partner to boost recruitment advertising and job boards

Clients can utilize all channels in one place and maximizecandidate reach

Orgnostic Launches AI-Powered People Analytics in Slack for HR and Management

Transforming Decision-Making with Seamless Integration and Actionable Insights

Apploi expands its medical credentialing tools

Expanded credentialing tools will be made available across ten roles and several states

Emissary in Technology Partnership with UKG

Recruiting solutions, convenience, and efficiency within the recruitment industry

Recruitment AI-Driven Provider WorkLLama Secured $50 Million in Funding

A revolutionary solution within the recruitment industry supported through funding

The Innovator in the HR Industry Plum Successfully Secured USD 6 million Funding in

A crucial HR step toward unbiased hiring processes supported by $6 million funding

Kanarys Successfully Secured $5M in Series A Funding

Inclusion and diversity encountering support within the industries

Full-Time Hiring Opportunities on Upwork

Upwork completely changes the character of its services by providing full-time hiring

Why Are Recruiting Costs Decreasing After the Boost in 2020

Cost-per-application stabilizes, revealing that the recruitment industry is recovering from the 2020 damages

Ryanair and Workvivo Announce New Partnership

On the 8th of February, the employee communication application Workvivo announced its partnership with Ryanair

HR Unicorn Deel simplifies global HR with new full-stack platform

Valued at $12 billion with $295 million ARR, Deel expands beyond international hiring with Deel HR, and Deel Engage to consolidate global team management


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