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Mission Zero Lands £21.8M to Revolutionize Air Capture

Cleantech innovator Mission Zero Technologies revealed a significant milestone: securing £21.8 million

Gridcog Raises £3.3M to Transform Clean Energy

Gridcog's platform empowers companies venturing into clean energy, secured a significant £3.3 million in funding

AI-Powered Physio Revolution: DocHQ's Grant Sparks MSK Transformation

DocHQ is thrilled to announce that its cutting-edge AI-driven remote physiotherapy service

50 Agtech Startups

What does the future of the agricultural industry look like? Here are 50 pairs of glasses through which you can peak in it.

Carbominer: EIC Accelerator Grant Fuels Carbon Capture Revolution

Kyiv-based climate technology startup Carbominer just struck gold by landing a grant deal with the EIC Accelerator Fund

SimplyBlock Raises $2.75M for Eco-Friendly Cloud Storage

SimplyBlock, a German deep-tech innovator, pioneers low-latency, high-performance storage software

Purpose-Driven Innovation: Giant Ventures Launches $250M Investment Initiative

Giant Ventures has embarked on a groundbreaking journey to champion purpose-driven innovation with two dynamic funds

Zum Secures $140M to Drive Sustainable Innovation

Zum celebrates a significant milestone with the successful closure of its Series E funding round, securing $140 million

responsAbility's Strategic Investment Boosts BluSmart's EV Expansion in India

Swiss impact fund responsAbility is set to pour up to $25 million into BluSmart, India’s premier EV

Finance for Nature, Cultivo's Mission to Regenerate

Cultivo, a public benefit corporation, has secured a monumental $14 million in Series A funding

CEEZER Raises €10.3M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Carbon Credit Market

CEEZER, hailing from the vibrant tech hub of Berlin, has achieved a remarkable feat in the realm of carbon credits

Metris Sparks £2M Funding for UK’s Premier Commercial Property Solution

Metris has secured an impressive £2 million in a pre-seed funding round, championed by Octopus Ventures

Antler Pours Over £1 Million into Game-Changing UK Startups

Global venture capital (VC) juggernaut, Antler, detonates a whopping £1 million investment

International Battery Company Charges Up India's EV Revolution with $35M Boost

International Battery Company (IBC) has successfully secured a formidable $35 million in a Pre-Series A funding round

Kiln Powers Up with $17M Boost for Global Staking

Kiln, proudly unveils a $17 million funding triumph, propelling its total funding to an impressive $35 million

Everphone Powers Up with €270 Million to Fuel Sustainable Tech

Berlin's Everphone emerges as a sustainability superhero, reshaping the destiny of corporate smartphones

Soly, Dutch Solar Startup Secures €30M to Expand Energy Reach

Soly just clinched €30 million investment boost, lighting up the path to a greener and more sustainable tomorrow

Carbon13 Ignites Global Climate Innovation with €30 Million Fund

Carbon13, the dynamic venture builder, has just dropped a game-changing bombshell, €30 million fund

NeoCarbon Secures €3.2M to Drive Carbon Capture Revolution

Amid this climate-conscious surge NeoCarbon has emerged as a beacon of hope, securing vital funding to power its mission

BeCause Secures $1.9M Seed Funding for Sustainable Transformation in Travel Tech

Dedicated to transforming sustainability data management for the worldwide hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors

One Click LCA Raises €40M for Sustainability Solutions in European Construction

Finland takes the lead, orchestrating a symphony of efforts to shrink carbon footprints and champion a greener tomorrow

Magnetic Bearings: SpinDrive Secures €3.8M in Series A Funding

For a more efficient future the Finnish cleantech trailblazer, secured a generous €3.8 million in Series A funding

Octarine Bio Pioneering Sustainable Fashion with €4.35 Million in Funding

Stride toward sustainable innovation, Denmark's Octarine Bio has just wrapped up an impressive €4.35 million in funding

Flitter: Revolutionizing Car Insurance

French insurtech startup is turning the car insurance industry by revolutionizing the way individual risk is assessed

Estonian Eco-Startup RAIKU Raises €8.8 Million to Revolutionize Packaging

The innovative Estonian startup, has made a significant breakthrough in the world of eco-friendly packaging

KIPSEA Closes $60 Million Fund to Ignite Southeast Asia's Tech Ecosystem

Struck gold by securing $60M for its maiden flagship venture capital fund dedicated to Southeast Asian landscape

Skoon Energy Secures €5 Million in Series A Funding

In a pivotal leap toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape, hailing from the vibrant city of Rotterdam Raises €3.5 Million to Accelerate Carbon Removal Efforts

Copenhagen's, has just fortified its financial arsenal with a €3.5M injection in a recent seed funding round

Tesla's Energy Shift, Solar Diminishes, Storage Shines

While solar power surges by the megawatt across the United States, Tesla's latest reports paint a different picture

Fastned Powers Up, Turbocharge Europe's EV Charging Network: 300km in 15 Minutes

In the heart of Amsterdam, the company of lightning-fast EV charging, has once again electrified the market

Purpose Green Secures €3.3M to Spearhead Building Sector Decarbonization

Purpose Green, German climate technology firm, proudly declares the triumphant culmination of a €3.3M funding round

Danish Startup Responsibly Raises $2.4M to Drive Sustainable Procurement with AI

To combat climate catastrophe and forge a net-zero world, every purchase becomes a pivotal player in the game

Rimac and Bugatti Drive into a Pioneering Partnership

Into the captivating world of the Rimac Nevera, an all-electric sports car that has left the automotive industry

Fresh Funding Fuels's Mission to Reshape Gadget Lifespan

It's all about amplifying the longevity of our daily gadgets

UK's Electric Vehicle Transition Faces Speed Bump as Prime Minister Responds

UK prime minister's recent move to prolong the ban on internal combustion engine vehicles has ignited a firestorm of dissent

Fernride Up with $19M Boost in Series A Funding for a Greener and Safer Trucking

Newcomers in this investment drive are Germany's Deep Tech and Climate Funds, in a greener and safer era for trucking

Tesla's Game-Changing Bid to Transform Car Manufacturing

On September 14, 2023, Reuters reported Tesla's groundbreaking quest to cast car underbodies in one piece, a complex feat

Four eye-opening stats about the impact of reusable packaging

Discover the eco-impact: 4 stats on reusable packaging's game-changing role

TVS X Bridging the Gap Between Scooters and Motorcycles

TVS X Where Electric Innovation Meets Motorcycle-Scooter Fusion, A Global Vision

Localazy's Climate-Focused Translation Memory

Bridging Communication Gaps for Sustainable Development

Opna Secures $6.5M to Revolutionize Carbon Project Financing

Global firms aim for net zero by 2050, but just 7% stay on course. McKinsey's insight

Unlocking the Universe's Secrets: Breakthrough in Large Hadron Collider Upgrade

Berkeley Lab Unleashes Superpowered Cables to Transform Large Hadron Collider

Powering the Future: Innovations in Energy Storage

How a state-of-the-art facility is shaping the future of battery technology and transforming the energy landscape

London's United Robots: AI Cleaning Revolution Ahead

United Robots' Innovative Cleaning Robots Set to Revolutionize Industrial Safety and Efficiency

AgrosMilk Unveils Innovative Solution for Dairy Industry

Empowering Sustainability: Revolutionizing Dairy Sustainability for Enhanced Efficiency and Impact

Tesla Drives Southeast Asia's EV Aspirations with Malaysia Battery Deal

Tesla's global journey continues with a significant battery deal in Malaysia, boosting Southeast Asia's EV industry

BMW's Electrifying Investment: Powering Up EV Battery Production in Leipzig

BMW's EV Revolution Extends Upstream. EV battery ensuring the long-term viability of the site

Electric Trucking Revolution: From Tesla's Semi to JAC's Innovative Approach

Revolution on Wheels: 87% of U.S. Truck Freight Ventures Under 250 Miles as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy

Belgian Startup Raises €2.15M To Transform Beverage Consumption

Dripl's €2.15M boost: unbottling a greener future across Europe, aiming to eliminate 1 billion plastic bottles

Futraheat's Greensteam 360 Reboots Industrial Heat Efficiency

Green revolution: Greensteam 360 reshapes heat energy reducing 80% and cutting carbon emissions

From Lab to Road: Bridging the Gap in Electric Car Battery Management

Revolutionizing batteries: real-world insights prolong lithium battery lifespan to build a better battery management

E-Bike Manufacturers Shift Focus to Recycling: The Right to Repair Debate

Grist's latest scoop: E-bike makers shift gears from cycles to anxiety from manufacturing bikes to manufacturing fear

Harnessing Nanocrystals' Potential: MIT Unveils Breakthrough Integration Technique

MIT Pioneers Technique to Leverage Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals

TechMet Raises $200M to Fuel Critical Minerals Supply for EVs and Renewables

TechMet raises $200M for EV Metals and the firm, backed by the US government

Tesla Unveils New Trim Options for Thrifty EV Enthusiasts

Affordable Ranges for Savvy Shoppers rim level on its two most expensive models

AssetCool's Innovative Coating to Transform Power Networks

AssetCool's Coating Tech Aims to Cut Costs and Emissions

Tech Innovations Battle Wildfires: How Dryad Solution Rewrites Firefighting

AI that detects wildfires during their smouldering phase

NeXtWind Propels Green Energy Revolution with $750M Funding Boost

Berlin's Energy Start-Up Raises $750M to Revitalize Green Energy Solutions and Repower Ageing Wind Turbines in Germany

Matter's Innovative Tech: Battling Microplastic Pollution One Appliance at a Time

Matter's Breakthrough: Clearing Microplastics, Cleansing Waters

Explore the 50 Best CleanTech Companies & Startups

Meet the game-changers in CleanTech. Explore our selection of the top 50 companies and startups in the field today

Transition VC Makes A Bold Step Forward in Climate Innovation

Ushering in a new chapter in climate innovation

Kraftblock Ignites Global Decarbonization Drive with €20M Series B Boost

The meteoric rise of German climate innovator Kraftblock, fueled by a €20M Series B funding surge

Breathing New Life into Old EV Batteries for Commercial Energy Revolution

Stabl Energy Sparks Commercial Energy Revolution with Used EV Batteries commercial energy storage

Istanbul's Climate-Fintech Pioneer Secures Seed Funding to Fuel Global Impact

In the realm of carbon credits and RECs, this Turkish startup's funding fuels global horizons

Unmasking Air Pollution's Shifting Puzzle: Global Effort Unleashes Advanced Tools

Global Team Probes Air Pollution's Evolution with Advanced Tech

China's eVTOL Revolution: A Thrilling Leap in Urban Air Mobility

China's EV Leadership Extends to eVTOL

The EV Revolution: Fueling a Green & Robust US Economy

EVs: A Double Win for US - Greener & Stronger Economy

Nonflammable Electrolyte Paves the Way for Safer Lithium-ion Batteries

Innovative electrolytes pave the way for safer, high-performance batteries

Revel Hits the One Million Mark

One Million Clean Rides, Boosting Air Quality & Curbing Climate Change

Bind-X: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for a Cleaner Future

Breaking Boundaries: €10M+ for Eco-Revolution in Agriculture, Mining & Roads

Berlin's ecoworks Raises €22M to Revolutionize Building Retrofitting

Berlin's ecoworks revolutionizes housing retrofitting with €22m funding. Investors bank on cutting-edge 3D planning

Nuada Gains Momentum: £3.4M Boost to Revolutionize Carbon Capture Tech

UK's Climate Tech Sucks CO2 from Factories

Dioxycle Eco-Innovation: Transforming Carbon Emissions into Everyday Essentials

French Start-Up Seeks Industrial Visionaries to Revolutionize CO2 Conversion

Greenpixie: Revolutionizing Cloud Computing with Environmental Efficiency

UK firm tackles data centers' emissions crisis!

The Struggle for EV Fast Charging: Challenges in California

Recent incidents reveal the state's struggle to grasp the essential nature of EV fast charging

Cambridge-Based Climate Venture Builder Secures $2.2M Seed Funding

UK start-up pioneers carbon-conscious decisions

Volkswagen taps Tennessee lab to enhance lightweighting & wireless charging

Innovation Hub in Tennessee revolutionizes electric cars for maximum efficiency

Sensorfact, Dutch climate-tech IoT, secures €25M funding

Secures funding to enhance products, expand globally, & empower companies to monitor processes & drive savings

Isometric: Pioneering Carbon Removal with Innovative Registry and Science Platform

Isometric's fundraising empowers talent acquisition for revolutionary registry

Tesla Cybertruck: The Ultimate Game-Changer Arrives!

Tesla Unveils the Unconventional Cybertruck: A Game-Changer in the Pickup Truck Market

Roam Pioneers African Electric Mobility at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Roam Steals the Spotlight at Goodwood Festival of Speed with Cutting-Edge Electric Motorcycle

Italy's EV Market Springs Forward with Modest Growth Amid Tesla's Drive

Italian car market rebounds in May, reflecting ongoing EV trends! Tesla emerged on top once again!

Wastefront joins forces with VTTI in $43M deal, deploying eight tyre plants

Wastefront plant in Sunderland beginning the first phase of building thanks to VTTI's investment!

VanMoof seeks buyer under court protection as debts mount

VanMoof takes bold action to overcome debt, embracing "suspension of payment" with an expert administrator by their side

Re-Fresh Global: Empowering Circular Textile Economy with €1.1M

Berlin's Re-Fresh Global secures €1.1M in funding for sustainable textile upcycling, attracting prestigious investors

Empowering Communities: Microgrids' Resilience Against Wildfires

Powering communities during emergencies made easier with microgrids - a cost-effective and reliable solution

Bosch's Breakthrough: Powering Green Hydrogen with Advanced Water Treatment

Bosch tackles the challenge of affordable water purification for sustainable hydrogen production

Brill Power revolutionizes large-scale battery operations

Brill Power's scalable solution is poised to unlock the full potential of battery storage systems

b:bot Raises €20M to Turbocharge Robot Network and Go Global!

b:bot: Revolutionizing Recycling with 500+ Shredding Robots, Already 130M Bottles Collected!

From trash to treasure: 4 ways reusable packaging is transforming consumer habits

In recent years, there has been an increasing awareness of the impact of packaging waste on the environment

1KOMMA5° Soars to Unicorn Status with €430M in Just 23 Months

German Solar Startup Acquires, Raises €430M in Series B, Surpasses $1B Valuation

Rocket Lab's Bold Boost: Electron Embraces Marine Recovery

Rocket Lab's "Baby Come Back" Mission Sets Sail for Booster Recovery

Cleanhub Secures $7M to Safeguard Oceans from Plastic

With new funding, Cleanhub appoints Louis Pfitzner as co-CEO to drive growth and revenue

AI Takes the Lead in Predicting water pollution in the uk

The aim is to spread this to other parts of the country

Voima Ventures Secures €90m for Deeptech Innovation

Pioneering Nordic Fund Fuels Deeptech Spinout Revolution

Enpal Powers Ahead with €430m Debt Round, Fueling Green Energy Revolution

Enpal's Profitable Leap Fuels Shift to Debt Financing, Embracing Financial Stability

Uncommon Secures $30M to Transform Lab-Grown Meat

Uncommon, formerly Higher Steaks, raises $30M to redefine lab-grown meat, scale production, and conquer regulatory hurdles

Green Skies Ahead: Startups Innovate with E-Fuels for Sustainable Aviation

Oxford University spinout, Oxccu, secures $23m to fuel the future of e-fuel technology

TotalEnergies sells Entire Portfolio to Fuel Sustainable Innovation

TotalEnergies defies industry norms, shaking up the climate tech startup scene

E-magy raises €15 million to improve battery efficiency by 40%

According to a Dutch startup, its silicon material can boost battery efficiency

The Green Revolution: An Interview with LimeLoop's Director of Growth Marketing Rebecca Smith

"Recycling can and should be the last resort"

ImpactableX - The First Impact Rating Platform

ImpactableX launches the first platform for measuring ROI of social and environmental innovation

“I Think, Therefore I Compost” - An Interview with TIPA Compostable Packaging

Technews180 interviews TIPA CEO and co-founder Daphna Nissenbaum - An honest discussion about decisions, alternatives, and impacts.

The growth of Eco-packaging: An interview with EcoEnclose CEO Saloni Doshi

Eco-packaging companies are on the rise

For a greener tomorrow: Capital Fund invests $1.3 million in eChemicles

Blue Planet Venture Capital Fund invests $1.3 million in eChemicles
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