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Yendou Secures $1.3M for Life Sciences Innovation

Berlin-based startup has clinched $1.3M in pre-seed funding, propelling its mission to revolutionize clinical operations

Nettle: Women's Health Revolution by Samphire

UK medtech startup Samphire Neuroscience unveils a "science-backed" solution to age-old women's health challenges

Koalaa Raises $1.2M to Transform Prosthetics

Koalaa pioneers soft modular prosthetics for below-elbow limb differences, offering life-changing solutions

Glow Fixes Bug Exposing Users' Data

Glow's online forum breached the privacy of approximately 25 million users, revealing a trove of personal information

Carcinotech Raises £4.2 Million for Cancer Research with Biotech Breakthroughs

Edinburgh's very own trailblazer, Carcinotech, has just secured an impressive £4.2 million

Dentistry: Neocis Secures $20M for Robotic Dental Surgery

Neocis, the pioneering force behind robot-assisted dental implant surgery, has just scored big with a $20 million

Naq Secures €3M Funding Boost to Revolutionize Healthcare Compliance in Europe

Naq has secured a triumphant €3 million, aims to revolutionize healthcare and medical compliance

Symphony of Immunology: IMU Biosciences Completes £11.5M Series A Funding Round

Fueled by the urgency of the pandemic, this trailblazing company has now clinched a £11.5M Series A financing round

Forta Health Bridging Healthcare Disparities with AI-Powered Innovation

Forta Health has entered the scene, armed with a mighty war chest raised to tip the scales in favor of fairness

PDC*line Pharma Secures Funding for Innovative Colorectal Cancer Vaccine

Belgian clinical biotech PDC*line Pharma, in collaboration with partners, unveiled a groundbreaking funding initiative

Forta Secures $55 Million Funding for Healthcare AI and Empowered Care

The healthcare game-changer, Forta, hailing from the vibrant city of San Francisco, is announcing $55 million in funding

Sleep Health: Onera Health Secures €30 Million in Series C Funding

Dreams just turned into reality for Onera Health, the startup that's not just interpreting your sleep

Memo: Revolutionizing Medication Management with a Stylish Twist

Enter Memo, a sleek, closed box that transforms medication management into a fortress of safety

Harvard and Boston University Pioneer New Solution for Parkinson's Patients

These sensor sorcerers team up with mind-bending algorithms with a flick of their digital wands

MIT's Innovative Vibrating Capsule: A Pioneering Approach to Appetite Control

Enter MIT's vibrating capsule – a science-inspired sensation likened to sipping a glass of water before a meal

Twin Health Raises $50 Million to Revolutionize Personalized Healthcare with AI

Armed with a mission to tackle these health challenges head-on, Twin Health has just clinched a whopping $50 million

Explore the 50 Most Innovative Biotechnology startups

Discover the groundbreaking potential of the top 50 biotech startups. Dive into their innovative contributions to revolutionize healthcare, genetics, and more

Neuralink Secures $43 Million in Funding Amidst Controversies

The world of brain-machine wizardry, Neuralink, the brainchild of the incomparable Elon Musk, is making waves once again

Discover 50 Top Biotechnology Companies

Explore 50 pioneering biotech companies at the forefront of healthcare and genetics. Witness the future of life sciences unfold before your eye

Sodexo and Bear Robotics Forge a Future of Seamless Patient Care

Their collaboration isn't just about innovation; it's a symphony of compassion and cutting-edge technology

Jolt Capital Fuels BioSerenity's MedTech Revolution with €24M Investment

The trailblazing French private equity firm has injected a robust €24 million into BioSerenity

Black Opal Ventures Raises $58M for Health-Tech Fund, Pioneering in Healthcare

Led by Managing Directors Dr. Tara Bishop and venture capitalist Eileen Tanghal, Black Opal has unveiled its maiden health-tech fund

Egyptian Startup Almouneer Secures $3.6M to Revolutionize Chronic Disease Care

In a milestone for the Egyptian healthtech frontier, Almouneer has secured a substantial $3.6 million in seed funding

Accelerating Health, UK's £100 Million Investment in AI Life Sciences

In a resounding declaration, the Prime Minister has unleashed a colossal £100 million in fresh government investment

Pioneering HealthCaters Secures $1.2M to Propel Expansion of Physical Health

Berlin's trailblazing startup dedicated to delivering accessible health monitoring has secured $1.2M in seed funding Advances AI-Driven Programmable Drug Treatment Amidst Adversity

Israel, biotech trailblazer pushes forward with its groundbreaking programmable drug treatment solution

Revolutionizing Rotator Cuff Surgery Inovedis Secures €4M in Series A Funding

Out as the latest success story, securing an impressive €4 million in a Series A funding round, Inovedis

Eindhoven's MedTech Innovator Microsure Secures €38M to Revolutionize Microsurgery

Eindhoven's MedTech Trailblazer Microsure secures €38 Million boost from leading investors

Automata Secures $40M Investment to Power Lab Automation in Life Sciences

Leading the charge in this strategic investment round is Dimension, with prominent participation from A.P. Moller Holding

CMR Surgical Raises $165M to Advance Universal Access to Robotic Surgery

CMR Surgical, proudly revealed this week the triumphant closure of an augmented $165 million fundraising round

Kooth Raises £10 Million to Expand Digital Mental Health Services Globally

Kooth, a youth mental health startup, secures £10M, with £3M from top UK investor BGF

Neurosoft Bioelectronics Achieves Remarkable Breakthrough

Swiss Company's Groundbreaking Electrode Grid Promises Safer and More Effective Brain Treatments

AI Makes History: Transforming Social Care Staff Training

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Social Care Training to Address Workforce Shortages

AI-Empowered Eye Scans Pave Path To Early Parkinson's Detection

AI-empowered eye scans unveil Parkinson's secrets pre-symptoms, the method could be used as a pre-screening tool

Securing $285 Million for Psilocybin Therapy Breakthrough

With this infusion of capital, COMPASS Pathways embarks on a journey to redefine mental health treatment

Navigating the Bumpy Terrain of Germany's Medical Cannabis Sector

Medical Cannabis Sector Faces Crunch: 80% of Germany's medical cannabis startups set to die a painful death

Lindus Health Secures $18M Series A Funding

Lindus Health Clinches $18M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Clinical Trials Landscape

Virulent startups:100 fastest growing HealthTech Companies

Stay informed with our list of the 100 fastest-growing HealthTech companies. From digital health to medicine, these startups are leading the way in 2024.

MIT-Dana-Farber Collaboration Taps Machine Learning to Decode Mysterious Tumors

OncoNPC's foresight empowers doctors to pinpoint ideal therapies for stubborn tumors

Xeltis Embarks on Medtech: European Innovation Fuels Revolutionary Implants

Xeltis Scores €12.5M for advance trials of its innovative implants and Radical Tissue-Regenerating Implants

PlayPulse: Merging Fitness and Gaming, Embarks on New Chapter

Fitness Tech Pioneer, the Oslo Based Start-Up, PlayPulse Acquired by Tech Titan

Mable Therapy's Dynamic Leap

Mable Therapy Raises £3.1M to Speech Therapy and Mental Health for Kids

KetoSwiss Unveils Innovative Solution for Migraine Relief: MigraKet

With substantial funding and an eye toward expanding its impact, KetoSwiss is a name to watch in the realm of biotechnology

Innovations in Pain Management: European Startups Forge a Path to Relief

Europe's Pain Pioneer Startups Are Rewriting Pain's Rulebook And Fighting Chronic Pain

Ozlo Sleep Unveils Revolutionary Sleepbuds: A Sound Solution for Sleep Woes

Awakening to Sleep's Power: 1 in 3 Adults Battle Restlessness, Causing $411B Economic Loss

Chemify Secures $43M in Series A Funding to Transform Molecular Design

Revolutionizing Chemistry Digitalizing for Pharma & Industry

Pioneering Biotech Startup Aims to Extend Lifespan for Pets and People

Swiss biotech Epiterna: strives to boost pet & human longevity with €10M

Innovative Fertility Start-up Expands Reach with NHS Partnership

Start-up Empowers Fertility at Home! Fertility Study & NHS Pilot in the UK

Entia Raises £16M to Revolutionize At-Home Monitoring for Cancer Patients

Company embarks on a journey to expand its services across the UK and venture into the US market

thymia: AI-Powered Mental Health Revolution Hits London's Health Tech Scene

Empowering Minds: Gamified Tools for Better Care

UK Fitness Tech Startup Raises $2.5M to Revolutionize AI-Powered Workouts

Magic, the UK fitness tech dazzles Sir Branson & sports stars with AI home coaching!

OrganOx's £25M Boost: Expanding Transplant Access

"This investment marks a vital step towards IPO readiness," declares Oern Stuge, OrganOx's Executive Chairman

Austria's Piur Imaging secures €4.9M to expand 3D ultrasound in the US

Transform ultrasound with Piur Imaging's AI-driven analysis for operator-independent efficiency

Sleep app eaze raises €1.7M, revolutionizing German sleep

Eaze's data-driven sleep coaching, rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, has transformed over 1000 customers' sleep

Dutch deep tech start-up Reyedar secures €3M to revolutionize disease screening

Reyedar: Transforming Eye Care with Innovative Tech. Expansion and Launch of First Product

Daniel Ek's Neko Health secures €60M for European expansion in health care

Swedish health tech start-up eyes European expansion with funding boost for talent acquisition and R&D acceleration

Thirona: Revolutionizing Lung Treatment with AI - Dutch AI firm secures EIC grant

Thirona, the Dutch AI-powered CT analysis specialist, secures funding from the EIC to advance personalized lung disease treatment

Fertifa Raises £5M to Revolutionize Workplace Reproductive Health

Empowering Employees: London Start-up Puts Reproductive Health Support at their Fingertips, Expands with New Services

Revolutionary Healing: AROA Harnesses Agri Byproducts for Complex Wounds

Unlocking Potential: AROA Transforms Agricultural Waste into Healthtech Breakthroughs

Berlin's Nelly Secures €15M to Digitize Medical Admin & Payments

Fintech start-up expands in Germany, targets new markets, and enhances its payment & admin solution

Strava's Heatmap May Expose Home Addresses

Strava's Location Data: A Breach of Privacy?

Stem Cell Startups Leading the Race to the Next Miracle Drug

Unlocking Affordable Stem Cell Therapies for the Masses

GetHarley Raises $52M to Transform Skincare Platform

GetHarley's funding empowers global access to healthier skin by partnering with top clinicians and delivering medical-grade skincare

Healthtech Trailblazer Helium Health Secures $30M Boost

African healthtech disruptor Helium Health raises $30M in game-changing Series B funding round

Pitango Invests in Health via Patient21

German healthtech company raises $108 million in a recent funding round

Nourish Care Leads the Digital Social Care Revolution

CQC's Push for Digital Record-Keeping Sets New Standards and Enhances Care Services

Linq Performance Launches Online Mental Health Platform for Athletes

Linq Performance Takes a Groundbreaking Step in Normalizing Mental Health in Sports

Pluto Biosciences closes $3.7 million seed round

Pluto is well-positioned to achieve its goal of breaking down obstacles and transforming the industry

ODAIA raises $25 Million

Company to expand its AI-powered solutions that help s develop treatments

Tricog raises $8.5M in Series B2

Funding to be used to scale the business across Asia and Africa

Maxion Therapeutics Secures £2 Million in Funding From Innovate UK

In the treatment of autoimmune diseases, Maxion Therapeutics receives funding to develop ion channel antibodies

Digital Asynchronous Video Technology - The Patient Experience of Tomorrow

A partnership between Moreau Physical Therapy and Health Care Transformation

The Hive: A Healthcare Staffing Solution

An innovative healthcare staffing company uses blockchain technology

AssistIQ Successfully Raised $2.5 Million CAD in Funding

Funding dedicated to more accessible, sustainable, and innovative healthcare future

Medical Imaging Market Forecasted to Reach $68.8 Billion in 2030 with Growth at CAGR of 5.8%

The demand for medical imaging increases, and with it, the potentiality for market growth

Biotech Ingredient Market Size Expected to Reach $75.3 Million by 2028

After the damages of 2020, dramatic growth within the biotech ingredient market size is predicted

QiO Technologies secures $10 million in Series B

QiO Technologies makes a step closer toward a zero carbon economy

The European Investment Bank Granted € 150 million Loan to Evotec

Evotec, a biotech company, received an unsecured loan facility of € 150 million from the European Investment Bank (EIB)

Doctify Secures $10 Million in Funding

Doctify, a health-tech company providing SaaS solutions for healthcare, raises $10 million in growth funding

AI in healthcare market expected to increase worth to USD 102.7 bn. by 2028

The implementation of AI in the Healthcare Market is forecasted to increase from USD 14.6 Billion in 2023 to USD 102.7 Billion by 2028

Healthcare workforce management platform raises $200M

ShiftMed, an on-demand workforce management marketplace, secures $200 million in funding


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