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Revolutionary Platform Engineering Prototype Deploys Apps in Record 22 Minutes, Redefining Industry Standards

This astonishing accomplishment stands in stark defiance of prevailing industry norms

Sendcloud Strengthens Leadership Team with Appointment of Mark Appel as Chief Marketing Officer

Sendcloud names Mark Appel as CMO to boost global brand and adapt to evolving e-commerce trends

Mews: Transforming Hotel Tech with $110M Investment

Led by Kinnevik, this funding round propels Mews to a post-money valuation of $1.2 billion, marking a slight uptick

The diversification of digital hubs

Connecting an increasingly decentralized Middle East market

Top 10 Software Development Companies in the USA

In this article, you will find some of the top software development companies in the USA.

SaaS Decacorn Returns: A New Era Begins

Exceptional companies with nine-figure ARR have fared slightly better, yet the environment remained challenging

Realoq Launches Rexdat, Transforming Real Estate

New SaaS Rexdat boosts MLS revenue & brand power

Top 10 SaaS Development Companies in India

The SaaS application is a great technological advancement to ease your business operations

The New SaaS Data Management: Nile's Ambitious Venture

Now in Software as a Service (SaaS), innovation is the name of the game, meet Nile of industry Subramanian and Shapira

AiDash Secures $50M in Series C Funding to Propel Climate-Resilient Innovation

AiDash just aced its Series C funding round, a whopping $50 million is now fueling its quest for climate excellence

Shaka Unleashes Mobile Revolution with $1M Seed Funding to Redefine Telecom

Shaka, is on a mission to redefine how brands offer mobile plans to customers—instaneously and at no cost

What are the key benefits of using SaaS for your business?

We look at the main advantages and selling points here

Top 10 IT Staff Augmentation Companies in India

IT staff augmentation services are on the rise as the demand for digitalization grows

Lumian Secures $3.2 Million in Strategic Pre-Seed Investment

Turkish AI-driven SaaS startup, has orchestrated a financial coup securing a stellar pre-seed investment of $3.2 million

A Material World: An Interview with MaterialsZone CTO Ori Yudilevich

How the materials informatics company is changing R&D with one single platform

Revolutionizing the Tech Landscape: Wiremind's Year of Breakthroughs and Partnerships

An annual chronicle of milestones and industry leadership

Data Onboarding, nuvo Secures €3M to Propel AI-Driven Solutions

A pivotal aspect of this revolution, has witnessed the rise of innovative platforms like Product Fruits and Transak

Finexos Illuminates London's Tech Scene with AI-Driven Fintech Brilliance

A transformative space where recent breakthroughs are more than milestones—they're seismic shifts

From lab to leader: Interviewing Intrinsic ID Co-founder and CEO Pim Tuyls

Guided by business acumen, technical knowledge, and the research background of its founders, the hardware-based security firm celebrates 15 years

Invisible Capitalism: Martech Trends of 2023

An ultimate guide to the Martech trends ruling the industry in 2023

Epsilon Clinches Global Company of the Year Award

Epsilon's ongoing journey of sculpting a world-class portfolio of connectivity and communication solutions

London's Laka Raises €7.6 Million to Power Green Mobility Revolution

The pioneering insurtech company that's all about green mobility,has hit the accelerator with a €7.6 million funding

xtype Secures $10.8 Million Funding to Revolutionize Enterprise ServiceNow

In a recent financing coup, xtype, a dynamic software delivery firm hailing from the innovation hub of California

Uncapped Secures £200 Million Funding from Fortress Investment Group

The trailblazing fintech at the forefront of reshaping funding opportunities for digital trailblazers and enterprises Secures $12.4 Million for Cutting-Edge MSP Platform in IT Services, trailblazer in AI-fueled IT management solutions, secures a significant $12.4 million in Series B funding

LogRhythm Fuels Cybersecurity Advancement with Infinigate Partnership

A strategic alliance that promises to revolutionize the realm of cybersecurity, LogRhythm teamed up with Infinigate Group

Certifier Raises $700K for Digital Credential Revolution

Polish startup at the forefront of digital credential software, has secured an impressive $700K in seed funding

LogRhythm Marks 1-Year Milestone of Cloud-Native SIEM Platform, Announces APAC

The SaaS SIEM platform, celebrating a full year of groundbreaking innovation with its 6th consecutive quarterly release

Metergrid's €2.7 Million Seed Round Sparks Green Transformation

Stuttgart-based trailblazer, Metergrid, has just lit up the energy landscape with a remarkable €2.7 million seed round

LogRhythm at Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit and DTX Europe

LogRhythm defending against breaches, uniting data for Cyber Clarity at UK Events and DTX Europe

Eyes on the Prize, Elevating Cybersecurity Operations

LogRhythm strengthens cyber resilience in the UK at Gartner Security and risk management summit and DTX Europe

Penny Black Revolutionizes E-commerce Packaging with £1.5M Boost

Unlocking E-commerce Magic: Penny Black Transforms Ordinary Packages, Driving Sales and Loyalty

Videobot Fuses Video and Chatbots to Transform Online Engagement

From Text to Video: Gen Z's Impact on a $171.5B Finnish SaaS startup in Digital Video Market

Realizing Lightning-Fast Routes Across Americas and Kolibrić Team Up to Unleash Ultra-Low Latency Fiber Connectivity Across Americas

European Business Software Soars Amid Tech Downturn

Business Software Bucks Downturns in 2022 with 7.4% Investment Surge

LMS365's Strategic Move: UK Acquisition Paves the Path to AI-Powered Excellence

LMS365 Empowers with €4.5M UK Acquisition: Supercharging to deliver enhanced AI-powered learning Microsoft Teams & Viva

Transcend Secures $20M to Propel Global Impact of Generative Design Software

Transcend's Generative Design Thrives: $20M Boost from Amplified by Autodesk Backing

Revalue Nature pioneers a New Path for Climate Tech Projects

$10M Series A to boost platform & lead nature-based carbon market with integrity

Tradeshift Co-founder Unveils 'Beyond Work'

CEO Christian Lanng reveals how their platform aims to revolutionize enterprise tasks

QuoIntelligence, Europe's Cybersecurity Trailblazer Secures €5M Funding

Unleashing Cyber Strength: QuoIntelligence's Vital Role in Safeguarding Businesses

SphereTrax: Empowering Artists and Creators in the World of Music Licensing

Unleash the Beat! SphereTrax: Your ultimate music revolution for Cinema, TV, Gaming, VR, AR, & Metaverse

Mobilo Secures $4.1M in Seed Funding, poised to reinvent business events

Firm to invest in AI and digital product development, making converting casual interactions into prospects much easier

Cello Secures €3.1 Million Investment to Propel SaaS Growth

Cello is reshaping the SaaS landscape with its innovative referral platform

Prague's Phrase raises €12M debt funding to seize AI market

Prague's translation software firm, secures €12M from CIBC Innovation Banking to propel AI-driven language tech

UK's Outverse secures $6M to enhance community collaboration and UX with AI tools

Outverse secures $6M funding to revolutionize community platforms with AI-driven tools, enhancing product team UX

Zluri, an Indian SaaS Management Platform, Raises $20M for Global Expansion

India's Zluri secures $20M in Series B funding, empowering businesses to streamline SaaS operations and minimize risks

Getting accustomed to the subscription era: A win-win for companies if done right

By Frank Arellano, Founder and CEO of Revolv3

Formaloo raises €2M to expand no-code platform, targets UK and Canada

Formaloo: Unleash your creativity! This no-code start-up empowers teams to build business apps easily

Atobi secures €3.8M funding to dominate global retail tech

Atobi secures investment from ex-Altor Partner Thomas Kvorning, expanding its board and growth potential

Empowering CPG Industry: Interrodata Raises £2.2M to Tame Data Chaos

Proven by NielsenIQ, Kantar, and Coca-Cola, this analytics powerhouse secures funding to turbocharge its growth

Causely has raised 8.8 million in latest funding Round

The funding achievement and the availability of their early service highlight their unwavering dedication to the space

Zenarate Secures $15 Million Funding to Revolutionize Customer Service Training

Zenarate's recent funding is a game-changing advancement in the realm of customer service training

BeeKeeperAI Attains $12.1M in Series A Funding to Advance Zero-Trust Platform

The successful Series A funding round underscores investors' confidence in BeeKeeperAI's innovative approach

Beware ChatGPT: DeepMind claims its next chatbot will rival it

The stage is set for an intriguing battle for supremacy in large language models

Kibsi Launches Revolutionary Computer Vision Platform with $9.3 Million Funding

Kibsi hopes to pave the way for a new era of efficiency and growth across various sectors

Google Revolutionizes Classroom Experience with Enhanced Accessibility

Google revolutionizes education with enhanced accessibility, introducing expanded reading mode, sign language integration, and AI-powered question suggestions

EvaluAgent Raises $20M to Revolutionize Call Center QA Software

Industry veterans unite to launch EvaluAgent, revolutionizing contact center quality assurance software

Using Content to Build SaaS Brand Affinity

How to bring your brand to life

Voice AI Startup ElevenLabs Secures $19M Led by Andreessen Horowitz

In just months, ElevenLabs captivates 1 million users, producing a decade's worth of audio innovation

Oracle Unveils EU Sovereign Cloud Solution

Oracle's EU Sovereign Cloud launches, securing digital sovereignty for businesses across the European Union

Red Kubes Launches Otomi on AWS & Azure, Unveils New Services

Red Kubes revolutionizes Kubernetes automation with the availability of Otomi on AWS & Azure, empowering seamless software integration

OneVest Raise $17 Million in Series A

The company's vision is to revolutionize the wealth management experience for financial institutions and customers

Former Meta & DeepMind Experts Raise €105M for Mistral, OpenAI Rival

Paris AI Lab Secures €105M Funding, Aims to Challenge OpenAI

EdgeTier Raises €6M Funding, Plans 50 New Jobs

EdgeTier expands teams in Dublin & Spain to power global growth

Filigran Secures €5m to Power Global Expansion in Cybersecurity

Filigran's cyber threat intelligence software trusted by FBI, NYC Cyber Command, and Hermès in under a year

Meltwater announces industry-leading AI engine and ChatGPT integration

The integration will impact how data is gathered and understood

Google Workspace Introduces Password-Free Access Using Passkeys

Businesses bid farewell to Google passwords after successful consumer launch

Rithmm closes $2 million in seed funding

Funding highlights confidence in Rithmm's mission, according to CEO Megan Lanham

Transforming Claims Processing: InsuranceGPT by Simplifai

Simplifai takes a giant leap in revolutionizing the insurance industry with their groundbreaking no-code AI application

Dumme: Content Creators’ Dream Come True

AI-powered video editor raises $3.4 million in its first funding round

A $6.6 million seed round is raised by

The company is helping to make customer support automated

Loro Insurtech Secures $750K Seed Funding

Loro Insurtech's successful seed funding signals a new chapter of growth and innovation for the company

Capillary Technologies raises $45 million in Series D funding

Funding will enhance Capillary's value proposition and speed up global expansion

Sana secures additional funding of $28 million

Stockholm-based learning platform Sana announces a suite of generative AI tools

Nvidia Introduces New AI Products, Targets $1 Trillion Valuation

California-based software company known for manufacturing chips enters the AI industry

Checkmate: Data Exchanged for Discount

A startup called Checkmate goes viral on the App Store, receives funding worth $15 million

SaaS procurement company Sastrify raises $32 million for its Series B round

Company offers lending-as-a-service solutions

AI is the New Nuke: OpenAI Proposes International Regulatory Body

OpenAI’s leaders propose an international authority governing the development of artificial intelligence

RootFi raises $1.5M in seed round

Company offers lending-as-a-service solutions

WhatsApp Introduces a Chat Lock Feature for Enhanced Privacy and Security

Keep Conversations Private with Password-Protected Chats and Hidden Message Content

InTone Gains What’s Lost in Translation, and $1.7 million

A voice AI startup Raises $1.7 million in Seed Round

Deceptive Windows Update Pop-ups Expose Users to Malware Risks

Cybercriminals exploit fake Microsoft prompts, spreading Aurora malware via cleverly disguised pop-ups

Google Experiments with AI-Generated Results

Google jumps on the AI bandwagon,possibly abandoning list of blue links

Intelligent Businesses: IT Researches’ AI Solutions

IT Researches Ltd, an information technology and computer research company, offers AI-powered solutions for a successful business

Revolut Faces Challenges as CFO Departs and Banking License Process Stalls

Executive Departures and Licensing Delays Amidst Financial Challenges

AI's Unsung Heroes: Gig Workers Behind the Success of OpenAI

The Vital Role of Gig Workers in Shaping and Refining Artificial Intelligence Systems

Orgnostic Launches AI-Powered People Analytics in Slack for HR and Management

Transforming Decision-Making with Seamless Integration and Actionable Insights

SelectedFirms Recognizes SovTech as a Top Custom Software Development Company

SovTech's Tailored Services Help Businesses Achieve their Digital Goals

In its pre-seed round, NetBird raises €1.1 million

The company is opening up the possibilities of improved IT infrastructure

Fundraising for Range reaches $12 million

Wealth management tools powered by AI are attracting growing interest

In its Series C funding round, Foretellix raises $43 million

NVIDIA and Woven Capital are two new strategic investors

Aligned completes $5.8 million seed round

This Israeli startup is building a network to streamline seller-buyer interactions

As he quits Google, AI's "godfather" Geoffrey Hinton warns of dangers

British-Canadian cognitive psychologist warns what could happen if AI is used wrongly

Gappify Raises $10 Million in Series B

Gappify now has $22 million in funding

Quaisr raises $3.1 million in pre-seed funding

The company simplifies data-linking processes and AI

Levitate closes its Series C round with $14 million

The $14.4M funding round will fuel Levitate's Happiness Platform

Dropbox layoffs 500 employees, 16%

CEO blames slow growth and AI

$2.5 Million in funding raised by Sinecure

Marketing and sales activity at the heart of the drive

It's already too late for giant AI models, says OpenAI's CEO

Sam Altman says that future strides in artificial intelligence will require new ideas

NetRise receives $8 million in funding

Funding to ensure Windows systems capabilities

Seed round raises $8 million for AIXplain

The firm offers AI tools without the need for technical skills

Replit Raises $97.4M in Funding

Funding to go toward further innovation

Bentonville-based tech firm Ox, announces successful closure of funding series

Expansion and further improvement of operations are the priorities

OpenAI Announces New ChatGPT Business Subscription for Enterprises

OpenAI previews ChatGPT business plan, introduces privacy controls

‘Productive Machines’ raises £2.2 million in seed funding

Advanced machine tool process optimization will benefit manufacturers globally

Google “DeepMind” Joins the Race for AI

Google consolidates AI research division

Bard AI Reaches New Heights, Now Capable of Generating and Debugging Code

Meet Bard, Google's AI chatbot revolutionizing programming with code generation and debugging capabilities

Instagram Introduces Link in Bio - Where Does Linktree Stand Now?

Meta announces a new feature for Instagram - link in bio

JabberYak Launches an Introvert-Friendly Networking App

ConnectNOW - the networking icebreaker

Montana Became the First U.S. State to Ban TikTok Across Devices

It is possible that other Republican-led states will follow suit following the new TikTok ban

OpenAI in Italy: Requirements and Demands

By April 30, OpenAI must comply with a set of demands outlined by Italy's data protection agency

NYT Loses Twitter Verification Badge, Refuses to Pay

Twitter initiates a “pay to play” regime for its verification badge

DataDome Raises $42 Million in a Series C Funding Round

The future of cybersecurity - machine learning to combat bot attacks

Microsoft's Attempts to Build Hyperscale Data Centers Face Opposition

In the Netherlands, farmers in opposition to Microsoft’s hyperscale projects

How Microsoft Conquers the Chatbot Landscape

Microsoft has reduced alternative chatbot and search engine startups' chances of prospering

TikTok Five-Hour Testimony: Privacy, Content Moderation Concerns

Shou Zi Chew's five-hour trial before Congress - Answers to Lawmakers' Questions

TikTok’s CEO to Defend the App Before US Congress

Bard is officially launched, extending the potential of AI

Amazon Announces Another Layoff That Will Affect 9,000 Employees

The tightened financial situation will result in overall 27 000 Amazon workers being laid off

Google Officially Introduces Bard with a Waiting List for the AI Chatbot Service

Bard is officially launched, extending the potential of AI

Sneaky “Links”: OpenAI’s GPT-4 Already in Use

Bing Chat used GPT-4 before its official launch on 14 March for Plus members

Just Eat applies for the deregistration of its securities from the SEC

Influential changes within Just Eat with a direct impact on the company’s future

Meta Takes Wrong Actions and Avoids Providing Answers

Meta’s users - victims of hackers’ practices or weak company policies

Meta Announced Another Lay Off of 10,000 Employees

Mark Zuckerberg Addresses the Tight Financial Situation and Its Consequences for Meta

OpenAI to launch multimodal GPT-4 this week

A new version of the artificially intelligent chatbot is announced to launch this week

With Innovation and Global Expansion as a Main Objective, Cado Security Secured $20M in Funding

The future of data tremendously receives recognition from investors

Mythic Secured $13 Million in a Funding Round and Announced Its New CEO

Promising funding focused on analog computing solutions

Project Management Software Zenhub Reaches Beyond GitHub Securing $10 Million in Funding

Series A funding contributes with $10 million to innovative progress within the project management industry

Iktos Closed €15.5 Million in a Series A Funding Round

Artificial Intelligence as a key actor within the drug discovery industry

20 Insurtech Trends in 2024

Top 20 insurtech trends in 2024

AI-Powered Legal Software Secured $26 Million in Series A Funding

SpotDraft disrupts and improves the future of legal processes

The importance of PR and branding in a downturn

Technews180 sits down with Frida Fors Wallsbeck, marketing manager for the Nordics region at Meltwater, the world’s first online media monitoring company and social listening company, to discuss the continued importance of PR and branding in an economic downturn

Developers Worldwide are Currently Utilizing RChilli's top-of-the-line APIs

Global expansion of its reach, RChilli experiences significant success

The Generative AI Application Typeface Secured $65 Million in Funding

More innovative, efficient, and smarter future of content creation supported by Google and Microsoft

$24 Million successfully raised in funding by Slync Platform

AI – the future right hand of worldwide shippers

MintBlue partners with Kamer van Koophandel, Yuki

Partnerships clear the way for invoice processing

Zylo Raises Additional $5 Million in Series C, Reaching a total amount of $72.5 million

An additional $5 million has been secured for improvement and innovation within SaaS management

Hippo Video Secured $8 Million in Funding

AI-powered video-creating platform expands its budget with $8 million

GlossAI Raises $8 Million in Seed Round

GlossAI, a company creator of a smart AI video generator, secured $8 million in a seed round

Moonhub Successfully Secures $4.4M in Seed Round

Moonhub, a company with an AI-driven approach to recruitment processes, raises $4.4 Million in a seed round

Google introduced Bard – the chatbot released as an answer to ChatGPT

Google announced that in the coming weeks, the multinational technology company will launch Bard


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